Fun Frankenstein Food Ideas

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These Fun Frankenstein Food Ideas are perfect for your next Halloween party! They’re easy to make and sure to be a hit with the kiddos.

A collage of different Halloween party food items decorated to look like Frankenstein

Every Halloween Party Needs Some Frankenstein Food!

My oldest had a birthday last week and had a few friends over to celebrate. This is the first year that I haven’t had a big party for him. I told him that we could make a few fun food snacks and goodies for his friends and he wanted a Frankenstein theme. We came up with these Fun Frankenstein Food ideas and the kids loved them!

We made these simple FrankenTwinkie Treats and these were the biggest hit! Betty Crocker black cookie frosting made up the hair. We used green cookie frosting to make the mouth and eyebrows. Then we attached green jelly beans for the electrodes and a mini M&M for the nose using the green cookie frosting. Super easy!

Four Twinkies on a party platter with frosting decorating them to look like Frankenstein's monster

We made Frankenfruit using green grapes for the face and dark grapes to make the hair and other details. We cut a large marshmallow in half to make the eyes.

A plate of grapes with a Frankenstein face made out of food

To offer something healthy, we made Frankenveggies! We used broccoli for the hair and cucumbers for the face, then we added a carrot border.

A plate of healthy party food with chopped veggies arranged to look like a Halloween face

We came up with this Frankenstein Chips & Dip using blue chips for the hair and guacamole for the face. Sour cream made up the whites of the eyes and black olives were used for other details. Your kids are going to LOVE this Frankenmole & it’s a great way to get them to eat avocados!

A homemade guacamole dip decorated to look like Frankenstein's head

We made a simple Frankencake making a chocolate 9×13 cake and decorating with green tinted frosting. The hair is made out of dark chocolate frosting. We used green Tootsie Rolls to make his electrodes and cut a large marshmallow in half for his eyes. We cut green sour straws for the eyebrows and mouth. Finally, we used mini M&M’s for the eyes and nose.

A Frankenstein-themed Halloween cake on a party platter on top of a kitchen countertop

Here is our display..nothing fancy, but a hit with the kids!

A bunch of Frankenstein-themed party food on a table with a light-up pumpkin Halloween decoration

Here are some other Fun Frankenstein Food ideas that we have come up with….

FrankenS’more Pops…

Two s'mores lollipops with Frankenstein faces and arms stuck onto them

Frankenstein Fiesta…

A green tortilla decorated with edible eyes, hair and a creepy stitched mouth

Frankenstein and his Bride Fruit Snack…

Small apples and fruit snacks decorated to look like Frankenstein and his bride

Classic Creepy Cupcake Cones…

A Frankenstein ice cream cone that has been dyed green and decorated with black icing


A plastic lunchbox full of food decorated to look like Frankenstein's monster


An apple decorated to look like Frankenstein with edible googly eyes


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