Beautiful Albino Sisters Born 12 Years Apart

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Being born with albinism is a very rare thing. Depending on which country you are from, the chances range from 1 in 3,000 to  1 in 20,000. However, two sisters beat these odds. These beautiful albino sisters were born 12 years apart in the same family! How special is that?

Albino Sisters
image via assel-kamila

Albino Sisters

These two sisters were born in Kazakhstan. Asel is the oldest and is 14 years old. Her younger sister who is also albino is two years old and named Kamila. They also have a brother who is eight years old and is named Aldiyar; however, he is not albino.

Both the parents and the doctor were amazed when Asel was born. The doctors even suspected that the father was an ethnically Russian father.

Asel shared, “People are surprised that we are albino people. Many people do not know what albinos are.”

When Asel was ten years old, she started her modeling career. Then, when her younger sister Kamila was born, she became extremely famous with over 68K followers on social media.

Their Journey

Albino Sisters
image via assel_kamila

Their mother said, “When I gave birth to my eldest, genetics was not so developed with us. It is developing only now. The doctors were shocked and thought that she was Russian. Then I started reading about this matter, I have learned that my children are albinos.”

In the beginning, their mother was shocked and didn’t really know what to do. However, she did her research and learned all about albinism. She also learned that she herself had ancestors who were albinos as well.

Asel was put into a school for handicapped children when she was growing up. However, she eventually transferred to a regular one. There is no difference except for her hair, eye color, and skin color. During her schooling, the other children would stare at her, but now it has gotten much easier.

These two albino sisters are absolutely gorgeous and are bringing awareness that is much needed about albinism.

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