Crab on the Beach Snack

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Crab on the Beach Snack

School has started back for my boys, but we always plan our beach vacations in September. Summer is far from being over for us! My boys are so excited about going to Tybee Island in just a few weeks so we wanted to make this fun Crab on the Beach Snack for my 3 year old! He absolutely LOVED this and it’s so easy to make! Perfect for toddlers & a great way to get them to eat lots of fruit!

Crab on the Beach Snack

1 Pretzel Stick
1 Kiwi
1 Large Strawberry
Pineapple Chunks
2 Baby Carrots
1 Raisin
1 Pretzel Rod

Start out by cutting the large strawberry in half. Place one strawberry half on a blue plate. Take the other half and cut little snappers, feet, eyes, & a mouth using a knife. We cut a raisin in half for the pupils. Place Cheerios on the bottom for the sand. We used a pretzel rod & sliced kiwi for the tree. We sliced up a couple of carrots & used pineapple chunks for the sun.

This is definitely a favorite snack for my now 3 year old and we hope you like it as well!:)

My youngest turns 3 tomorrow and we would like to wish him a very big Happy Birthday!

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9 comments on “Crab on the Beach Snack”

  1. love love love this!!! Thanks for sharing this in our menu plan monday last week! I'm featuring you this week! Stop on over 😉 Susie

    1. Thanks! My 2 year old is very picky with fruit so this kind of snack really helps getting him to eat it!

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