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Halloween Creepy Cupcake Cones

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We had some colored ice cream cones here at the house and wanted to make something spooky with them. We came up with these Creepy Cupcake Cones. My boys and their friends thought these were AWESOME and we had so much fun creating them!

Creepy Cupcake Cones for Halloween - Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf, Bride of Frankenstein....these cupcakes are such a fun party idea!

They wanted to make the classic monsters so we made The Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, & Dracula.

Halloween Creepy Cupcake Cones

Creepy Cupcake Cones

Cake Mix (we used Pillsbury…any flavor)
Colored Ice Cream Cones (we used Kroger brand)
Chocolate & White Frosting (we used Pillsbury)
Edible Eye Candies
Red Cookie Frosting (we like Betty Crocker brand)
Green Jelly Beans (for Frankenstein)
Assorted Candies & Sprinkles

We started out by making our cupcakes in our cones. We covered a muffin pan with aluminum foil then poked holes in the foil (this prevents the cones from tipping). Fill the cones with whatever flavor cake mix that you have just a tiny bit over half way. Make sure not to fill it more than that or the cake will over flow when baking. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes (until toothpick comes out clean).

Bride of Frankentein…we had made a few extra regular cupcakes and placed half of one on top of her head. We then piped on frosting around and on top. We piped on a lightening zig zag strip on her hair with white frosting. We attached edible eyes, chocolate sprinkles (for lashes), and a small heart candy (for lips) with white frosting.

Bride of Frankentein Cupcake Cone

Frankenstein…We spread chocolate frosting on top for his hair and then piped on the top sides. We attached the edible eyes on with frosting and piped on the eye brows & mouth. We cut a green jelly bean in half for his electrodes.

Frankenstein Cupcake Cone

The Wolf Man…We piped on the hair with chocolate frosting making it stick out. We made his mouth with red cookie frosting and then attached broken heart candies for his teeth. We piped on the eye brows just like we did his hair.

The Wolf Man Cupcake Cone

Dracula…We spread the chocolate frosting on top and they piped around the top front and sides. We made a red mouth with the red cookie frosting and then attached a small white broken heart for the fangs. We attached 2 red heart candies for the bow tie.
Dracula Cupcake Cone

Here are 2 of my boys & best neighborhood buddies with their Creepy Cupcake Cones!

Creepy Cupcake Cones

Here are a few other similar Halloween treats of ours here…

Ghost Ice Cream Cones

Halloween Ghost Ice Cream Cones

Halloween Cookie Cutter Cupcakes

Halloween Cookie Cutter easy!

Frankenstein & His Bride Mini Cake Pop Cones

Frankenstein & His Bride Mini Cake Pop Cones....such a cute cupcake idea for Halloween!

You can check out all of our other Halloween creations HERE!

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These are the best!!! You are so creative. Love it!

Those are so awesome!

Haha, how fun!

These made me laugh! My boys would love this. You have a lot of really fun stuff here-glad I found you!
I would love to have you add this (or any of your awesome treats) to a collective link party I co-host, Eat Make Grow:
I host along with two other bloggers, so one link shows up on all three blogs, and we feature a couple of bloggers each week. We're always looking for great content like this! Hope to see you over there.

A absolutely love this. You are always coming up with such amazing ideas.

Stopping by from Mix It Up Monday. Those cones are so cool! I cant wait to make them for my daughter. I love your site because my toddler loves to help me cook. You have all sorts of great recipes we can try together. I'm a new follower.

I bet these were so fun to make! What an excellent idea for cones! I love this!

These are so adorable, Jill! Can't wait to see all the Halloween goodies you have in store!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Those crack me up Jill! So dang cute.

FUN! They turned out great, great way to use the cones.

Oh my gosh! Those are so adorable and perfect for Halloween! I especially love the bride of frankenstein 🙂

Thanks for sharing!
Your newest follower via the linkup party at crafty confessions!

-Jordan 🙂

Oh they're great, bet the kids went crazy for them 🙂

These are hilarious and too cute! I just love them! I saw your fun share @ Lil' Luna's Link Party!

okay those are just too fun, I love it.

Oh my gosh, my boys would go crazy over these! I think my favorite is the Bride of Frankenstein, so funny! We used always ask my mom to make ice cream cone cupcakes to take in to our class for our birthdays, I think it's been too long since I've had one. I'm hosting a new link party if you'd like to share:

My boy would looooove to have one of these too! They are all so fun! My favorite is the wolf man.

These are laugh out loud awesome!

These are fabulous! My kids are going to love making them. 🙂

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