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Crochet Turtle with Removable Shell

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I’m sure many of you are taking up crocheting during your stay at home order. As you look for things to crochet, you find the cuter the things you can create! We found a pattern for a crochet turtle with a removable shell!

Crochet Turtle with Removable Shell

Crochet Turtle with Removable Shell

Turtles are such a cute animal, but when you add a removable shell, it takes its cuteness to a whole other level!

For this crochet pattern, it says that you do need to be at an intermediate skill level to crochet this turtle. The main reason is that you have to be familiar with the terminology associated with crocheting.

Crochet Turtle with Removable Shell

For example, some terminology you might see:

  • MR – magic ring
  • sc – single crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • inc – increase
  • dec – decrease
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • 3-dc-bobble – bobble stitch
  • (12) – the number of sets in a row
  • (…)*n – repeat n times

The creator of this pattern has made a YouTube video for part of the instructions. She shows how to connect the hexagon on the shell together as it is a bit challenging. This is a big help especially for those who are more visual learners like myself.

Crochet Turtle with Removable Shell

The Pattern

The pattern comes as a PDF, which has 46 very detailed pages on instructions. It also has 34 pictures to show the step-by-step process to create this cute creature.

The Crochet Turtle Pattern can be found for $4.50 on Crochet Turtle Pattern

Crochet Shell

When completed, it comes to be around 6 inches tall. The shell will be removable which makes this turtle the cutest one ever!

You can choose the colors, so you can personalize it for your little one, or even for yourself! If you know a turtle lover, be sure to make one just for them!

Are you up for the challenge to crochet this cute turtle with a removable shell? It would be the perfect quarantine activity!

Crochet Turtle with Removable Shell


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I bought this pattern. Sadly I lost it. I’m almost done with it. It will be adorable. I need to find the pattern so I can finish it.


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