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Dinosaur Party for my now 4 year old!

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Dinosaur Party for my now 4 year old!

My youngest turned 4 this past week & we celebrated his birthday yesterday with close family. I felt so bad not having time to do a big party for him this year, but he didn’t seem to mind one bit! We had a full day of swimming & fun! He requested Dinosaurs & Mexican Food so that is exactly what we gave him!

Everything was so last minute so I wanted to come up with a super easy Dinosaur Cake using things that we had on hand. We all thought this turned out so cute & you just can’t get any easier than this cake!

Easy Dinosaur Cake

Easy Dinosaur Cake

1 Cake Mix (we like Pillsbury)
Green Food Coloring
3 Graham Crackers
Green Sprinkles
2 Large Edible Eyes
2 Chocolate Chips
2 Marshmallows

Start out by pouring your cake mix into 2 round cake pans & 2 cupcakes. Bake according to directions. Then you want to cut the bottom of one cooled round cake in a straight line on the sides leaving a half circle in the middle. Take your cake & place it on the other round cake facing up. Then cut around the outline on the top of the other cake to match things up. Place them on a platter. Cut out 2 sections from the bottom to fit your 2 cupcakes. Cut out a tail from the scraps. It will look like this…

Easy Dinosaur Cake

Then make (or use store bought) frosting & add a few drop of green food coloring. We cut graham crackers in half & then added a toothpick on the back securing with a little cookie icing. Let that dry & then spread some of the frosting on the front. Dip the frosted graham crackers in green sprinkles. It will look like this….

then added a toothpick on the back securing with a little cookie icing

Frost the cake (we only frosted the top…I was in such a hurry). Press in the frosted graham crackers around the top of the head. We cut marshmallows in half for make the horns. Pressed on edible eyes & used chocolate chips for the nose. Here is a close up of the head….

Here is a close up of the head

Cut cut mini marshmallows in half for the feet…

Cut cut mini marshmallows in half for the feet

My now 4 year old absolutely loves this cake & everyone thought it was so cute. Sometimes simple ideas do way better than complicated fancy cakes.

My now 4 year old absolutely loves this cake & everyone thought it was so cute

We also made him this Dinodilla (Quesadilla) & he just loved it. We have made a ton of these ideas in the past using different shapes for dinosaurs. You can check those out HERE. For this one we just cut one spinach tortilla into this Dinosaur shapes & used that piece as a guide to cut out the other tortilla. We put shredded cheese, black beans, & brown rice inside & grilled it. I put a little bit of sour cream in a baggie to decorate & used 2 black beans for the pupil & mouth. We broke off the tips from guacamole chips for the spikes….

Dinodilla (Quesadilla)

My now 4 year old loves guacamole so we created a Dinosaur Guacamole dish for him decorating with chips, sour cream, & black beans (so easy)….

Dinosaur Guacamole dish

Happy Birthday to my little guy…we love you so very much!

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Your cake is amazing and the other dinosaur treats are great too! I can imagine how much your son loved his special day.

I love this dino! He is so freaking cute I can't wait to make this cake.

Aww his smile is so precious! And your cakes and sweets are so cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

I can't handle all the cutest that is going on, on this page right now! I love it! Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Such a cute cake!

I see you say to cut marshmallows in half for the horns, but my brain just cannot figure that part out! ๐Ÿ™
The cake is adorable and I plan to make it this weekend for my 3 year old's birthday party… Can't wait…

Can you explain – or show – how to cut the horns???

Thanks for sharing this great simple dinosaur cake!!!

Amazing.. I would like to do this for my son too. Thanks for sharing.


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