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Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones and 1st Day of 3 Year Old Preschool!

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Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones and 1st Day of 3 Year Old Preschool!

My youngest had a birthday earlier this week & also started his 1st day of 3 year old preschool today! We created these fun Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones for the kids in his class to celebrate on their first day of school. He was so excited to bring these in & he said that the kids loved them.

We always make our Cake Cones using cake pop mixture because baking the cake in the cone makes the cones soggy…especially if you make them the night before serving them. This way the cones stay crispy & you can make them ahead of time!:)

Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones
(makes 12)

1 Cake Mix (we like Pillsbury)
1 Can of Frosting
Ice Cream Cones
White Candy Coating (Candiquik)
Red Sixlets

Start out by making your cake in a 9×13 pan according to package directions. We like to break up the cooled cake into crumbs using a fork. My boys have fun with this part! Mix in 3/4 of a can of frosting. You can use any flavor…my boys wanted chocolate. Melt the white candy coating according to package directions. Dip the top edge of the cone into the chocolate. Add just a small amount of the cake mixture inside the not press it down. Then scoop out about a tablespoon of the cake mixture & flatten it out into a disk. Then roll up a ball from the cake mixture & press on the flattened out piece. Place it on the top of the cone & let the chocolate harden for about 5 minutes.

They will look like this…

Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones and 1st Day of 3 Year Old Preschool!

Once the chocolate is hard you will spoon the other melted white chocolate on top holding the cone on it’s side. Everything will stay put since the cake mixture is attached on top with the hardened chocolate. We added sprinkles & then pressed a red Sixlets on top…

Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones and 1st Day of 3 Year Old Preschool!

These were so fun to make & you could make these in any colors by adding food coloring to the chocolate or using candy melts.

Here is my big boy ready for the 3 year old’s. He was so excited! Me…not so much. Poor thing was comforting me saying…I am going to be okay & I don’t want you to cry. He also reassured me that he would be careful & wouldn’t get on the monkey bars (that’s how he broke his femur a few months back).

We all just adore this little guy so much & he is so special. I am really going to miss hanging out with him all day long, but so glad that he is loving his new school!:)

Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones and 1st Day of 3 Year Old Preschool!

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what a cutie he is! those ice cream cone cake pops are an awesome way to start a year! bet he's the most loved kid in class 🙂


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