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Disney Frozen Elsa Pancakes for Breakfast

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Disney Frozen Elsa Pancakes for Breakfast

We created this fun Elsa Pancake Breakfast this morning. My boys helped with making her, but refused to eat her since she’s a girl!ha This is pretty easy to make & I bet your little Frozen fan will love this!

Elsa Pancake Breakfast

Pancake Mix (we like Bisquick)
2 Eggs
1 Marshmallow
Blue/Red Fruit Roll Up
2 Chocolate Chips
Mini Chocolate Chips

Start out by making a large pancake in a pan over low heat. Cut around the edges using kitchen scissors to shape the face. Beat 1 egg & 1 egg white. Pour in a pan over low heat then flip it over like you are making a omelette. Cut pieces from the round egg to make the hair. Cut off the tips from a marshmallow for the eyes. Line mini chocolate chips above the eyes & for eye brows. Cut out a nose & ear from your pancake scraps. We used a red & blue fruit roll up to decorate….cut out with kitchen scissors.

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I wish that I had the patience to try this! It's ADORABLE! and my daughter would Love it so much she wouldn't want to eat it but just save it to look at! 🙂


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