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Disney’s Frozen Olaf Pancakes for Breakfast

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Disney's Frozen Olaf Pancakes for Breakfast

We created this fun Olaf Pancake Breakfast from the new Disney movie Frozen for my 3 year old yesterday morning. He loves Olaf & just loved this breakfast! It’s really a great movie & you should definitely go & see it if you haven’t already. You should definitely make this for your little Frozen fans & will totally love this us!

Olaf Pancakes

Pancake recipe of mix (we like this Pillsbury recipe)
1 Strip of Turkey Bacon (Oscar Mayer works best)
5 Chocolate Chips
1 Marshmallow
Whipped Cream Spray
1 Clementine Slice

Start out by making your pancake shapes in a pan over low heat. They do not have to be perfect. We cut our edges using kitchen scissors. Place your shapes on a plate like our picture. Cut the ends off of the marshmallow. Cut out the teeth from one ends & the eyes from the other end using kitchen scissors. We made our bacon in the microwave & then cut out the mouth, arms, & hair. Add on the chocolate chips for the buttons & pupils. Cut off the end from a clementine slice for the nose. Add on whipped cream for the snow.

Here is my little 3 year old taking his own pictures for our blog. I caught him doing this & thought it was so cute!:)

Here is my little 3 year old taking his own pictures for our blog.

He was SO excited to get his Olaf Pancakes & couldn’t stop smiling at it!

He was SO excited to get his Olaf Pancakes & couldn't stop smiling at it!

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  1. That's so cute! <3 Your son is so lucky to have such a creative mother!

  2. Only you can make Olaf even cuter!

  3. It's too cute to see your son taking pics. I love how involved they are in your blog. Your pancakes are absolutely adorable. Pinning.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  4. fun! love your little guy is in on the action!!

  5. I love this! Olaf is so funny…the name reminds me of Count Olaf of course!

  6. Awe, my kids would LOVE this! Thanks!!!!

  7. Ha! How fun!!! I bet this made the pancakes even more delicious!!

  8. So cute!! I hopped over from the Sew Can Do linky. I pinned this to my Disney Dreaming Board.

  9. Olaf pancakes are toothsome. Love to relish these. I like this post

  10. What about the eyebrows? : )