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DIY Oven Cleaner That Destroys Gross Oven Gunk

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Do you love a dirty, gunky oven? Of course not! I’m excited to share with you a fantastic DIY oven cleaner that will blow your mind.

DIY is one of my FAVORITE things. What about you? I love knowing I can save money by making something myself instead of buying it at a store. If you are a DIY buff, you might appreciate The Best Cleaning Hacks and Make Your Own Natural Cleaners.

DIY Oven Cleaner

DIY Oven Cleaner

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but you shouldn’t use this on self-cleaning ovens. They do the work of cleaning with high temps, not cleaning solutions.

Amanda Lee shared her favorite DIY oven cleaner recipe on Facebook and I was tickled pink.

“Tried the Pinterest homemade oven cleaner, and I’m sold on it,” Amanda said. “Will never buy another oven cleaner again. Worked amazing, sprayed it on and let it sit. Hardly any effort at all to wipe it out.”

Grab a spray bottle and mix up the ingredients she uses.

1/4 cup dish soap
1/2 cup lemon juice 
1 cup vinegar
1 1/4 cup water
Amanda says to shake the bottle gently to combine ingredients and then spray the oven. Leave it sitting on the grime for a bit and then wipe with a warm, damp cloth. How long? I don’t have a specific time, but I believe 20-30 minutes is about right. 
I’m a big fan of all the things Dawn dishwashing soap can do, so that’s my choice for this cleaner. Read 17 Uses for Dawn Dish Soap That Have Nothing to Do With Washing Dishes. 

Spray Bottles for DIY Cleaners

When I need a spray bottle for some sort of DIY cleaner I’ve made, (and I make them often) I head for Dollar Tree. Sometimes, if I’m going to add essential oil to something, I’ll use the more expensive amber glass bottles.
What I love about the amber bottles is that I can use them again and again. They will last until you break them! If the pump stops working, they are super cheap to replace.
Even with a very thorough washing, I would be concerned I couldn’t clean them well enough to rid them of every trace.
If you re-purpose old bottles, clean them well with hot soapy water. Be careful using spray bottles that contained bleach or ammonia. Those two chemical products don’t play nice together and will quickly turn seriously toxic – even fatal, should you unknowingly put one in a bottle that contained the other.
You can also put the plastic bottles in the dishwasher if you’re game to try. I’m not sure how well some of them will hold up, but I’ll leave that to you.
Here are cleaning labels that you can download and print for your bottles…
Cleaing Labels from KitchenFunWithMy3Sons
Fillable Cleaing Labels from KitchenFunWithMy3Sons
Blank and Fillable Cleaning Labels from KitchenFunWithMy3Sons

Do you have any DIY cleaners you recommend?

I’m always on the prowl to find some new ones, so thank you in advance.

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I wish there was a way to print out the DIY oven cleaner recipe.