DIY Slime Burning Kids’ Hands

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We all know how much fun it is to play with slime; however, recently it is not turning out fun at all for some kids. Slime is now becoming a dangerous trend for kids as their DIY slime is burning their hands.

Dangers of making Slime

DIY Slime

Slime has been around for a very long time as a fun toy to keep kids entertained. With all the craze with slime, there have been countless recipes online to make your own slime.

Slime is an interactive toy that kids enjoy playing with, as well as parents as it keeps their kids away from technology.

However, more and more cases of DIY slime has been burning kids’ hands.

Kathleen Quinn

Kathleen Quinn was among the number of kids who got hurt playing with her DIY slime. It was at a sleepover party.

As Kathleen was playing with the slime, her hands began to hurt. They tried putting her hands under cold water to release the pain, which helped some. In the end, unfortunately, Kathleen had 3rd-degree burns on her hands from the slime.

At the doctor’s, they were able to determine what ingredients in the slime caused the burns. She was playing with slime made from school glue and borax.

When dealing with borax, if you are with it for too long, it was cause burns. This is something that no children should be around as it can be very dangerous. It most definitely should never be made into a toy.

Another harmful ingredient is contact lens solution.

Many children have been affected by DIY slime burning their hands, not just Kathleen Quinn. Kids even outside of the United States have been showing injuries as well.

One girl in the UK got burned so bad, they had to have a plastic surgeon’s help to fix and heal her hands.

The injuries also include the face and other parts of the body. These online recipes do not inform the dangers of borax, which is the biggest problem. Kids think they are going to have fun, and instead end up hurt at the doctor’s.

DIY slime is dangerous stuff. If you have a child who loves to do DIY things, make sure to always check before letting them go through with their projects. Warn them about the dangers of DIY slime and save them from painful burns.

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2 comments on “DIY Slime Burning Kids’ Hands”

  1. I agree with Robie! My grandkids make it with borax & we have used contact lenses solution & none of my grandkids ever got a bad reaction from them! And neither have I! So I agree with Robie! How much did they use? How diluted was it? Did they stop using it after getting a rash? The whole story isn’t on here & I don’t think that’s right either!

  2. I feel badly for the pain this little girl is experiencing. However, the severity of the burns occured after she continued making and playing with slime even after getting rashes on her hands. Those burns did not happen overnight.

    Slime making is a fun, creative activity. The cases of Borax allergies are rare. I don’t think it’s fair to take slime away from kids based on this info. Just be aware theres a tiny chance of allergic reaction and then discontinue use if redness occurs.