Easy Frog Pops

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Easy Frog Pops

We made these Frog Pops a long time ago and I remember them being so easy to make!

We used…

Jumbo Marshmallows
Large Marshmallows
Chocolate Chips
Green Edible Color Spray
Red & White Cookie Frosting
Red Starburst
Lollipop Sticks

Lay the jumbo marshmallows onto wax paper and spray them green with the green color spray. Let that dry. Push them on lollipop sticks. Attach chocolate chips on the large marshmallows with cookie frosting and let that dry. Attach the large marshmallows on the jumbo marshmallows to look like eyes. Use the red cookie frosting to make the mouth. We put a Startburst in the microwave for 6 seconds and pressed it out with our fingers. Cut pieces off of that with kitchen scissors and stretch it out to make the tongue. Press it on the mouth before it’s dry to set. We made a fly with mini chocolate chips and white cookie frosting for the wings. You could also make a nose with mini chocolate chips..which we didn’t do.

Something fun and quick that the kids can help make! Here is my then 4 year old with his Frog Pop..ribbit ribbit!
Easy Frog Pops

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