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Pirate Lunch

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Pirate Lunch
We made this fun Pirate Lunch about a year ago and my then 4 year old just loved it! It’s pretty easy to make and gets the kids to eat lots of fruit!

We used…

2 Pieces of Whole Wheat White Bread
Sliced Turkey
Sliced Cheese
1 Banana
A Handfull of Dark Grapes
A Small Handfull of Raisins
1 Red Fruit Roll Up

Cut out the bread into a skull shape with kitchen scissors. We put turkey and cheese in between ours, but you could make any sandwich. Cut the ends off the banana and then cut it in half. Make them look like cross bones and use the slices on the ends. Cut the dark grapes in half and make his hat. Use a couple of them to make the patch. We used raisins to make the other eye, nose, and mouth. We cut up a red fruit roll up to make his bandana.

This was so fun to make with him! If you have a little one at home into pirates they will LOVE this lunch!

Here is my little then 4 year old with his Pirate Lunch making his best pirate face…argh!
Pirate Lunch
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I love all your little creations. Pirates are big in this house so I'm definitely doing this one. Thanks for sharing.

This is!!

When I read the title on my blogs side bar in my head I said please let it be easy and food coloring free! I was so excited when I saw the picture that it was both of those things. Plus I bought grapes and bananas today! I am going to start a pirate section in my homeschooling this week. Thanks1 Love the idea!

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggg Matey!!! This is worth walkin the plank for! (sorry….had to get into character!)


I love this guy! My little guy would love it too!!

Who wouldn't love that!! Imjust might need to have a little pirate lunch party for some little men!!

Is that a slice of bread behind the grapes? Not quite understanding what gives it the width?

Darling! Absolutley darling! You come up with the cutest ideas and I bet the boys eat every bite. And your cute boy squinting like a pirate….just precious. Its all too cute for words. Now I want to be a pirate at your house!


WOW!! This is soooo creative!!! I love it!

Too cute! Pinning this one (as usual!) Thanks for sharing at Mom On Timeout!


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