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Flying Falafel Saucer Sandwich

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Flying Falafel Saucer Sandwich

It’s the invasion of the Flying Flalafel Saucer Sandwich! I was in the mood to make falafel for dinner last night and knew that my boys would have a tuff time even trying it. We decided to make it into this fun Flying Falafel and it turned out so cute! It worked on 2 of my boys….they ate it all! However my 6 year old said…oh Mommy…this is the worst chicken I have ever had!ha He still tried it though and ate some of it. I love Falafel! If you do as well and have picky eaters…give this a try!

Flying Falafel Saucer Sandwich

Pita Bread
Feta Cheese
Greek Dressing

We started out by mixing our Falafel mix with water according to the package directions. We used this brand….


We shaped our Falafel balls into patties and cooked according to the directions. We spread hummus inside our pita bread. We layered our Falafel, lettuce, feta cheese and then drizzled with the greek dressing. We cut cherry tomatoes and placed them around the sides to look like lights on a flying saucer. Stick them on with a little bit of hummus. We cut slices of cucumber and made our aliens. We attached them with green toothpicks. The mouth is a piece of tomato and the eyes are pieces of feta cheese. Cut the bottom off of the cucumber with a knife so they will stand up straight.

We made these fun Sloppy UFO’s a long time ago that you might like as well!

Sloppy Joe UFO


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  1. Adorable! You sure do have imagination out the wazoo.

  2. I love those little cucumber aliens! :0)

  3. So adorable – my daughters will love this!

  4. So funny! And delicious, too! Liz

  5. oh how cute! Love these!

  6. The grape martians are just way too cute!

  7. This is awesome! Can't wait to serve this up!

    The Bubblegum Tree

  8. Haha…these are hysterical!! Love! I really hope you'll share them at my party!

  9. Love the cucumber aliens! Good job of making food fun!

  10. Thank you very much I have benefited from the information