Groundhog Day Desserts

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We made a couple of fun Groundhog Day Desserts last night and we thought they turned out super cute!

Groundhog Day Desserts

Groundhog Day Desserts

You could also make these Groundhog Day Desserts using one a premade pudding cups and make the Groundhog to go on top. Get the kids in the kitchen to help with it so they can have some fun!

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • chocolate pudding
  • 3 vanilla wafers
  • edible eyes
  • chocolate cookie frosting
  • whipped cream spray
  • 1 chocolate chip
  • 1 mini marshmallow


  • Spread the chocolate pudding on a small plate.
  • Decorate 1 vanilla wafer with the edible eyes, chocolate chip for the nose, and cut a mini marshmallow for the teeth.
  • Cut up 1 vanilla wafer to make the ears and feet. We used kitchen scissors and that worked out great!
  • Attached everything with Betty Crocker cookie frosting. We put a little pudding in between the 2 wafers and put the Groundhog on top of the pudding.
  • Crush just a small amount of 1 oreo half and sprinkled that on top of the pudding to look like dirt.
  • Squirt on the whipped cream around the pudding and put a little bit on his head to look like snow. Place on the feet and then your done!
Groundhog Day Desserts
  • For this one we just used a little ramekin dish. Spoon in the pudding and place the Groundhog on top using the directions above.
Groundhog Day Desserts

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