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Halloween Fruit Bat Snack Bags

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Halloween Fruit Bat Snack Bags

We created these fun Fruit Bat Snack Bags today & these would be so fun for Halloween class parties at school or just a fun spooky snack to include in the kids lunches! We have always loved the idea of Butterfly Snack Bags like these from Squawk Fox

Butterfly Snack Bags

and thought that turning them into Bats for Halloween would be really cute! I thought we had such a great idea & then noticed with a search (after we made these) that someone else had thought of this awhile back as well! You can view it here.

Halloween Fruit Bat Snack Bags

Clothes Pins
Black Marker
Snack Bags
White Paper
Black Grapes (or raisins)
Tiny Googly Eyes

Start out by coloring the fronts of the clothes pins. Cut out little ears & a mouth from paper. Attach everything on with glue including the eyes. Fill the snack bags with black grapes or any other dark colored snacks. Clip the clothes pin in the middle & that’s it!

You could cut out bat wings to attach to the back if you wish to look more realistic, but this is easy & the kids will love it!

Halloween Fruit Bat Snack Bags

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oh my gosh! i am so making these! 🙂

Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

Hi, I love your blog and featured your post on my site in October! Check it out here!

Thanks, Pascale


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