It’s a Mickey Mouse Lunch!

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Mickey Mouse Sandwich

We came up with this cute Mickey Lunch using bread, turkey, cheese, dark grapes, 1 large marshmallow, and 1 strawberry.

We cut our bread into a circle. We put cheese on top of that and turkey. Trim the turkey to the edges of the bread. Save the scraps to make the mouth. We cut grapes in half. We put those on for his ears and cut a few around his face to give it come shape. Place one grape half on for the nose. We cut a large marshmallow for his eyes, but you could use white cheese for that as well. We cut 1 grape half and shaped to make his pupils. Put on the extra turkey scraps to make his mouth. We cut up another half of a grape to put inside the mouth. We cut a small piece of strawberry for his tongue.

The boys thought this lunch was just awesome and we hope that you like it too!

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