Kind People Are The Smartest

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If you think to be kind means you are innocent and naive, you are wrong! It has been shown that kind people are the smartest people out there!

Why Being Kind is the Best

One brain expert, Richard Davidson, found that being good is one of the signs of intelligence. One of the starts of seeing a healthy brain is goodness or kindness. There are many reasons why this is so.

First off, being kind means that you have the ability to think of other people’s problems above your own. You are not selfish in any way. To be smart means that you gain knowledge and therefore apply it later in life. You aren’t just learning facts, you also are using them in life, similar to kindness.

If you were to be mean, it takes little to no skills. You don’t have to think or anything like that. Viruses do it all the time, without a brain. They simply do what they want regardless of how it hurts the person being affected.

However, kind people will go to great extremes to help those around them. Even if they are hurting themselves, they will still do their absolute best to help other people. Kind people will give up their great possessions, time or money at their own expense just to help.

By doing so, kind people have a greater perspective of the world. They can see how their one small act of kindness will change the world, little by little. They think even if they doing something for others the world will be a better place.

Mean People are Not as Smart

Other studies have been done to show that kind people are the smartest people around. In a Canadian study, they found that people who are mean, racist, and prejudice tend to have a lower IQ than those who are nice.

Most people who are racist have trouble accepting change. To admit that you are wrong and change your personal perspective takes a lot of thought. There is a complete process your brain goes through to change your view, which is very hard to do even for smart people.

How to be Successful

There are three main types of intelligence, two of which are emotional and social. You need to have all three to be successful in life.

Part of being emotionally intelligent, you need to have empathy. The ability to feel what other people are feeling and then help them is vital to success in life. It is so important that many schools in Denmark teach it at school.

While yes, you can have a high IQ, you still may not be the smartest. It takes being socially aware of your surroundings and being emotionally intelligent as well. Kind people are the smartest as they have developed empathy along with critical thinking.

So, try to be kinder. It will only help you to develop and keep your brain healthy. It will only help you to be more successful in life.



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