6 Important Benefits Of Living Near Grandparents

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Kids who have the gift of living near grandparents are often happier and more outgoing. The fact is living near grandparents comes with a lot of great benefits.

Did you know a study showed that grandparents who babysit live longer? If your parents aren’t involved in the lives of your kids, share it with them. And while you’re sharing, talk to your kids about Grandparents Day and how they can be sweet to Grandma and Grandpa all year.

Children Are Happier Living Near Grandparents

6 Important Benefits Of Living Near Grandparents

In truth, there are so many wonderful things a grandparent brings to the life of a grandbaby, it’s impossible to list them all. So, we’ll list a few and hope you’ll leave your own additions in the comments.

1. Kids may have fewer emotional problems.

A 2009 research study found that greater grandparent involvement was associated with fewer emotional problems. Their very presence in a grandchild’s life may help kids live a happier, more well-adjusted life!

The research found that “greater grandparent involvement was associated with fewer emotional problems and with more prosocial behavior.”

2. It takes a village.

Grandparents have been around the block a time or two and they know stuff. Raising kids is hard, and as all parents know, you tend to get better at it over time. Unfortunately, by the time you’ve figured most of it out, the kids are grown.

Grandma and Grandpa have had the same experience of raising kids. The difference is they get a second chance. Everything they learned the hard way becomes important in the growing up kids have to do.

3. Grandfathers are true mentors.

Whether it’s wood carving or fishing, a Grandpa knows lots of cool stuff that parents should want their kids to know. Yes, he’s from another era. Things were different then. That doesn’t mean that what he’s learned in his life isn’t valuable and important. It is!

4. Grandmas offer an extra big helping of nurturing.

Kids who live near grandparents benefit from having a grandma, in part, because she has already raised her family. She has all sorts of “hacks” to make a child’s life happier and healthier.

She’s the one that says to eat sugar to stop a bad case of hiccups.

Coughing like crazy? Mimi might insist you put a bite of dark chocolate in your mouth to stop a coughing fit.

And everyone knows that Nana can get rid of warts better than anyone. Don’t laugh when you go to her house with a wart and come out with a piece of duct tape covering it. The tape will “smother” the wart, she tells you.

Science says it’s true! Try it the next time you have a wart. Keep the tape on it for a week, take it off and clean it and give it a little rub with a nail file. Put more tape back on and continue doing that until the wart is completely gone.

5. Grandparents are the keepers of the family history.

Their recipes have been in the family for generations and to keep them alive for a grandchild’s grandchildren, they need to be shared. The stories they tell are from long ago, and kids and adults alike can learn from them.

It’s good to know Aunt Vernie had a thyroid problem and Cousin Eddie was diabetic. Those are the sort of health problems that can be passed down to grandkids. (Cousin Eddie? I must be in a Christmas mood.)

6. Living near grandparents makes soaking up all that love much easier.

Meemaw and PawPaw have a bottomless well of unconditional love. They think their grandbabies are the best things since sliced bread and they shower them with praise.

Let’s not forget that kids who live close can get one of those powerful, patented grandparent hugs whenever they want.

What if living near grandparents isn’t going to be your reality?

Look, life takes us down roads that have all sorts of bends and twists. It doesn’t always plant us next to the family we grew up with. It’s true that kids benefit from being close to grandparents, but there are plenty of ways they can do that without being nearby.

Phone calls are great. Video messaging is even better! We live in a time that allows us to be connected with people we love no matter where they are! What a time to be alive, right?

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