Why Your Kids Should Celebrate Grandparents Day This Year

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No one will ever see your kids the way their grandparents do -not even you. No one will ever love them exactly the way grandparents do – not even you.

If you had at least one “set” of grandparents who loved you when you were a child, you were more blessed than you may realize. Being loved by a grandma or grandpa is one of the most precious gifts children can receive. Their kind of love is different than any other.

Why Your Kids Should Celebrate Grandparents Day This Year

Why Your Kids Should Celebrate Grandparents Day This Year

If you have never celebrated Grandparent’s Day before, this is the year to start. This year (2022) their day is Sunday, September 11th. Grandparents, no matter how far or near to us they live, can be counted on in every situation. They show up, love unconditionally, and are a blessing to you and your kids. They deserve a special day all their own.

15 reasons to start celebrating them this year.

1. When one of the kids are sick, grandparents who live nearby show up like a whirlwind of love. They cook, clean, care for the kids and whatever else those grandbabies need.

2. No one cares too much about who made the mess at grandma & grandpa’s house. They’ll clean it themselves, and they will be happy to do it. Kids have plenty to pick up and clean at home.

3. Cookies aren’t for breakfast at home, but they might be at the grandparent’s house. Of course, they know cookies aren’t exactly healthy. They also know that a cookie for breakfast now and again isn’t going to do any permanent damage.

4. Yes, grandparents will let grandkids stay up late. You’d like to have them in bed by 8 on school nights, of course. But Saturday night at grandma’s house is probably going to go a little later than that. (Hello midnight.)

5. There are no better hugs than those you get from grandpa and grandma. How are they so good?

6. Their advice comes from a lifetime of wins and losses. Experience is the best teacher.

7. The very best audience for an impromptu song or dance is grandparents. They truly love every dance misstep, every botched lyric, and every magic trick that will only work if they close their eyes.

Studies say grandparents who babysit live longer.

8. Moms and dads were once their kids. They know everything about them! Were they good students? Good at sports? Did they fight with their brothers and sisters? Sweet, softie grandparents today were once tough, rule-making parents themselves. Tread lightly, mom and dad, lest grandma tells your daughter about that time you cut your own hair and wanted to drop out of school.

9. No one reads a book like a grandparent. They know how to make a book come to life and reading to the grandkids is one of the great pleasures.

10. Grandpa probably knows how to bait a hook. Grandsons and granddaughters will learn all sorts of things from their grandparents that they may not learn anywhere else.

11. Grandma is the best baker in the family. Lucky kids love spending time with her in the kitchen, watching how she mixes things together to make a goodie that’s better than anything anyone ever bought in a store.

12. They’re not afraid to be goofy. If it makes the kids crack up, they are for sure going to do it.

14. When tears fall on a grandparent’s shoulder, they’ll make it all better. From a boo-boo when kids are little to the heartbreak of losing a first high school love, they will always listen and comfort.

15. Kids can see their own faces when they look at their grandparents. Hey! That’s my nose! Wow! My grandma has the same laugh as I do!

How will you and your kids celebrate them this year?

Make a phone call, go see them, take them flowers, bake them cookies, take them to a movie… there are so many ideas to celebrate grandmas and grandpas.

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