St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Rainbow Cupcakes

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We wanted to come up with a St. Patrick’s Day cupcake that would be easy for the kids to help with and take to school parties. Since I have 3 little boys I am always trying to find short cuts with making goodies and keeping them fun and cute! These Lucky Rainbow Cupcakes that we came up with are SO easy to make! We piped on clouds on half of them and used mini marshmallows for the other half so you could see what they both looked like. It took the same amount of time, but some of you might not want to bother with piping….the marshmallows look just as cute!

We happened to have Funfetti Cake Mix here at the house and we used that. Thought the multi colored sprinkles would look cute with the rainbow theme. You could also just use white or yellow cake mix and add multi sprinkles yourself. Here is what you need….

Lucky Rainbow Cupcakes

Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix
Mini M&M’s (find them in the candy isle or baking isle)
Junior Mints
Betty Crocker Chocolate Cookie Frosting
Yellow Sprinkles
Pillsbury White Frosting
Blue Food Coloring (just a couple of drops)

Mix and bake the cake mix according to package. Take of the the oven when done and let cool…

Make all of the little pots of gold first then set them aside. You take the junior mint and put a little bit of the cookie frosting on top. Pour the yellow sprinkles in a small bowl and dip the frosted side in the sprinkles. Set them on wax paper and let them dry….

Make your frosting. You can use canned, but we make our own. Here is a great recipe and it just takes a few minutes…it’s worth it!

Color the frosting with blue food coloring. If you are going to pipe on clouds reserve about 3/4 cups of frosting. Just use a couple of drops to make it a light sky blue. Frost the cooled cupcakes. We put our mini M&M’s in a bowl. We put on our prepared pots of gold first. Line the colors of the rainbow on top and add the marshmallow or piped on cloud. Take 4 green M&M’s and make a clover. We cut our M&M’s in half with a knife for the bottom, but you can just push it in on the side.

Here is a closer view of the piped on cloud….

Here is a closer view of the marshmallow cloud. We cut the mini marshmallows in half with kitchen scissors….

Here is a view of the cupcake cut in half….

These were so fun to make and my boys just loved them!

We made lots of these yesterday for my sons 1st grade class at school for their St. Patrick’s Day party!

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17 comments on “St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Rainbow Cupcakes”

  1. pink and green mama MaryLea

    These are adorable and the pot of gold is my favorite part!! (Jr. Mints and York peppermint patties are my go-to naughty snack while working at my computer!!)
    Thanks for linking up on my Pink and Green Mama blog Linky Party today!

    Pink and Green Mama

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