Mini Chicken Coop Town

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One husband gave his wife the dream of a lifetime for her. He built a mini chicken coop town for her chickens and it is the most adorable thing ever.

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Mini Chicken Coop Town

His wife (Mitzi Ballard) owns a flock of chickens and always wanted a coop to hold them all for them to enjoy. She never expected to have a complete town and the cutest coops of all times. We adore miniature set ups for animals just like this Tiny Hedgehog Camping Trip.

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

Many people have built very elaborate things for their pets and animals; however, we rarely see this being done for chickens. This just shows how much his wife truly loves her chickens, and how much he loves his wife for that matter.

This man literally thought every single thing through for this chicken town. If it were for humans, it would be incredible.

Chicken Cook Saloon
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The Town

First, you will see a beauty salon for these chickens. It is called the Saloon girls and even has a sign outside for the price of staying which includes 1 egg for 1 hour, 6 eggs for a day, and 12 eggs for a week.

Next, you will see a watering station which is called the Rooster Ridge. It has water for the chickens whenever they need it.

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

Then, you will see the Ivory Stables. It is a beautiful red barn. However, there are no horses, but it makes a great addition to the town.

Next up is the blacksmith’s corner. It has workbenches and metal accessories. It is such a cute place to have the chickens stay and keep out of the hot sun.

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

Another great part of the town is the housing complexes. It also includes a bed-in-breakfast, hotel, mercantile, and the cafe. It is divided into six apartments for the chickens to rest inside.

Finally, you will see the jail. It even has a painting of a chicken behind bars on the window. That will definitely make the chickens think twice about causing trouble in town.

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

This much have cost a ton of money, but more importantly, it also took up a lot of time and patience to create. These chickens sure do have a great home thanks to this loving husband.

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