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Check Out These Dolphin Succulents

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Succulents are the most common house plant and for many good reasons! They are easy to take care of, last forever, and are so beautiful. With all the varieties of succulents, you need a whole house full of them! Check out these adorable dolphin succulents.

Dolphin Succulent

Dolphin Succulents

There are over 60 different types of succulent plants. Most of them require the same amount of water and sunlight, while some need more attention. However, these still are the easiest plant to take care of.

These succulents originate from the desert as well as the driest places all around the world. This succulent in particular looks like little dolphins on each of the leaves, thus the name, dolphin succulents.

These plants look like strings full of dolphins and will make any home look beautiful and more vibrant. All these cute little dolphin plants need are plenty of sunlight and water around once a week. They will continue to expand and grow until you have strings upon strings of dolphins!

Where to Get These Plants

Now that you have seen how adorable these dolphin succulents are, here is where to buy them! There are two main ways you can get these plants for your own house.

First, you can order seeds to grow these plants yourself. You can find the seeds on Amazon for around $2.00. They come in a pack of 100 seeds.

Dolphin Succulent

photo via Burpee/Amazon

However, you can also get the plants themselves off of Amazon if you would rather not grow them from the start. You can enjoy these plants right away without waiting forever for the seeds to grow.

These dolphin succulents are the perfect addition to your house! They will fit in with your other succulent plants or any other house plants you have. Create a place in your house that is an underwater theme and add these dolphin succulents to the creation!

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