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6 Natural Migraine Remedies that actually work

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In this post, I’m going to tell you about 6 simple, natural migraine remedies that real migraine sufferers report as actually giving them true relief.

If you suffer from migraines, you know how truly awful they can be. In addition to what is often debilitating pain, people with migraines can have nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to lights and sounds.

It makes me so sad that anyone has to go through this kind of illness.

Honestly, there are so many unpleasant things a person with migraines can experience, it would take an entire blog post to talk about all of them.

Instead, let’s focus on things you can do today that will (hopefully) lessen your pain.

I hope you find these tips as helpful as people say they are.

Natural Migraine Remedies

Please have a chat with your doctor before you try anything new. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s always safe or that it will work for your particular kind of a headache.

Cream of Tartar

We spotted this on Facebook from Shea Staggs-Houck. She says she puts a little bit under her tongue…then mixes together half a teaspoon of

cream of tartar with 8 ounces of water and putting it under your tongue could bring you instant migraine relief.  She also says that within

minutes, she felt her migraine ease up.  She had even taken her migraine medication twice with no relief. She wanted to share this

information with others because it truly did work for her.

Natural Migraine Remedies

Ice Pack

The research is ongoing as to why cold compresses help migraine sufferers, but the studies that have been done show promising results.

It may sound to you like an ice pack is one of the natural migraine remedies that is too simple to work. I encourage you to think differently about that.

A study in 2006 used cold “gel caps” on the heads of people with migraines. The results showed that it helps. (source)

If you’d like to try the same therapy, I found the ICEKAP on Amazon and it has some really great reviews.


There are thousands and thousands of people suffering from awful migraines who swear by this mineral.

The American Migraine Foundation says it can be highly effective.

Don’t buy just any magnesium supplement, though. Magnesium oxide is the one you want.

It has high levels of the mineral and is the one doctors recommend.

Vitamins B6, B9, B12 and Folate (B9)

Although a few studies have been done to determine whether these vitamins really work for migraines, doctors say more should be done.

However, some people who take the supplements to lessen their migraine frequency say it works. They feel they have fewer migraines and that they are much less severe when they do have one.

(B12 is found in meat, fish poultry, and dairy.)

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, or you don’t eat a balanced diet, it’s possible you may not be getting what you need. (Unless you’re eating other fortified foods.)

In any case, it’s definitely worth having a conversation with your doctor about whether you should add these to your arsenal of weapons to battle migraines.

Document Your Diet

If you aren’t keeping a list of every food you eat and drink along with any sort of side effect afterward, you may be missing something really important.

Your body could be telling you what’s causing your migraines, but because you can’t see the pattern, you’re missing the signals.

Of all the natural migraine remedies I found in my research, this one is the easiest to do that can really, really help.

Try keeping a notebook (or use an app like Google Keep) to track everything you eat and drink. Make a note each time you have a migraine.

If you see something that looks like a certain food correlates with having a migraine, take the info to your doctor and talk about whether you might need to dig a little deeper.


Butterbur is a perrenial plant that is in the sunflower family. The leaves are large and were used a long time ago to wrap butter.

Humans have used it for over 2000 years for all sorts of ailments.

People who use it to treat migraines say it’s one of the natural migraine remedies that truly works wonders.

Having said that, you should know that the American Academy of Neurology actually took away the endorsement they once gave Butterbur because of safety concerns.

Turns out there are some potential cancer-causing substances in a few brands – not all brands, though.

The Canadian Headache Society does endorse it, but only certain brands.

You should ONLY use Butterbur products that are certified and have a label that reads “PA-free.”

DO NOT use any sort of raw, unprocessed butterbur.

In short, before you take it you should talk to a pharmacist about which brands are safe and PA-free.

In closing, I sure hope you find something here that can give you a bit of relief. No one deserves to live in fear of getting a migraine, and no one should miss out on all the things that make life good because they have to be in a quiet, dark room.

Do you have migraines?

How do you handle them? I hope you feel comfortable enough to share your own struggles in the comments.

If you have found something that works for you, please tell us about it. No one wants to be in pain and it may be your story that helps someone find a solution.

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  1. I’m a Chari 1 malformation patient and also suffer from migraines and lots of pressure I haven’t found anything to help me yet not even my dr


    • Karrie, have you tried acupressure, acupuncture, massage therapy, or inversion therapy? While I don’t have C1M, the damage to my spine is C1-4 so surgical treatment was very difficult and/or dangerous.

      I started with all of the homeopathic therapies and natural medicines trying to avoid traditional western medicines for pain because I didn’t want to feel drugged. Some worked, some didn’t, some offered very minimal and temporary benefits and others I’m still using and supplementing with ones that worked better and for longer periods. And yes, I’m using traditional RX too.

      Don’t give up! Many times I felt like I didn’t have the strength to continue fighting! Keep notes and a journal so you can look back and have a clear record of the results. Make sure that you have a great support system and finding a group of people who are going thru the same thing helps too, so many people just don’t understand why you can’t just “suck it up” and do what you need to do regardless of the way you are feeling. Praying for you! There’s a light, keep looking!

  2. So.. do you spit it out? Swallow it? It’s pretty much water so I was just wondering how it is done ..

  3. I have suffered with migraines for as long as I can remember. I usually have to take a lot of Advil or something like that to help get rid of it. On top of that, I have a cold mask I keep in my freezer just for my migraines. I go lay down in my bedroom in complete silence. My family have been trying to find other ways for me to deal with them. I need to buy some of the cream of tartar and try it. 

    • Try Goody’s Headache Powder instead of Advil. My son’s pediatrician recommended it when my son was diagnosed at 12 because he didn’t want to give him prescription meds right off the bat. I decided to try it and have found it really works within about 30 mins. If it doesn’t get rid of the migraine completely, it alleviates it to the point Incam function. I wish I had known about it before menopause! My migraines before then we’re hiome induced as well as weather induced and there were days I could not function. My husband would have to come home to take care of the kids. The Goody’s (or BC, it is the combo of caffeine and aspirin) has helped others I have told about as well. 

      • I suffer from horrible migraines. Goodys and BC are triggers for migraines. They can make them worse not better. Advil migraine is better than others I have tried but spearmint oil or cbd biocooling gel will help better than any kind of otc pill.

  4. I have been told that CBD oil releives migraine triggers. I am in the process of going through the build up period using CBD oil. I am too early into the 1st steps to supply any feedback at this time. However; when I get further into the treatment steps, I will provide feedback and my reasons for starting this treatment phase.

    I will add that at the present time I am experiencing 2 to 3 migraines a week or 2 longlasting migraines a month. By longlasting I mean lasting at the intense level for longer than 7 days.

    • By chance have u seen any results yet? I’m so interested in cdb for my migraine treatment. I have them about the same as you and they are horrible.

    • So, a single dose of CBD oil doesn’t bring relief? Then it’s not something I will try. Useless if it doesn’t reliefecthe pain right after taking it.
      I’ve been told getting a piercing in the cartilage of the ear can eliminate migraines forever. Haven’t tried it yet. Some people swear by it.

  5. Avoid MSG or monosodium glutamate. 40 years of terrible blinding headaches stopped the day my coworker told me that the seasoning/preservative had been giving his wife migraines. It is in a lot of snacks like Doritos,Pringles,beef broth, Ramon Noodles and almost all ranch dressings. Pizza Hut told me they use it in their ranch and some chicken wing recipes.

    • Artificial sweeteners can have the same effect!

    • SO TRUE!!! MSG will trigger a SEVERE migraine within an hour of consumption! I found this out the hard way. My mother-in-law put MSG in a batch of hash for July 4th one year. We were at the lake and I was having a wonderful time until a crippling migraine came out of nowhere (no aura). It was later I discovered the hash contained MSG! As you stated, most preservatives in foods will trigger! Doritos, lunch meat, ramen noodles, and many packaged foods! ALWAYS READ THE LABEL!! If it’s ‘quick food’, it most likely contains the preservatives that can trigger a migraine!!

  6. Rosemary essential oil rubbed on my temples, back of my neck and behind my ears. Pain from my migraine is relieved in minutes.

  7. Feverfew. I used to grow it in my garden in case of migraines. I haven’t had a migraine in many years, but used to get them when I was younger. It gives fast relief when a migraine is starting, or when it’s in full swing. It tastes awful, but just a couple of leaves is all it takes. Chewed, swallowed whole, or stuffed into a gel capsule was how I took it. Can also be bought as a supplement.

  8. My doctor prescribes Sumatriptan tans and they do work for mme

  9. I am confused. How do you hold the 8oz mixture under your tongue? The average mouth can’t hold that great of volume let alone under ones tongue. What am I missing? It doesn’t say hold a small amount under your tongue. Or in amounts until it’s gone. Please help clarify. I suffer with migraines and this intrigues me.

  10. This is very helpful, thank you Jill. I usually take 600mg ibuprofen at the onset & lay down, or sit quietly, with my eyes closed for about 20-30 min. Works like a charm for me. Hope it helps someone but PLEASE check with your Dr before taking any kind of medicine or supplement. Aloha~~

  11. I have tried many things, although some of the items on this list are new.  My Dr. has prescribed Aimovig and I’ve been migraine free since my first injection 4 months ago.  It’s so wonderful to make plans and not worry about possibly having a migraine that day.  

  12. My doctor told me about the ice pack years ago she actually had me try it in her office and it worked ! She said to either put it on the forehead or the back of the head where the spine meets the skull ! Alot of people may not know about the second location!

  13. I have suffered from migraines since I was only 6yrs old! I’m on disability because of them now at only 40yrs old. I have tried almost everything under the sun! This is the first time I’ve heard about the butterbur I am going to look into that! Most of the time I have to take pain meds and stay in a hot shower until it left up

  14. I started to suffer from severe migraines and head pain after being electrocuted sept 2017. Nothing has helped. I was on many different meds and sent to over a dozen doctors. I was then referred to a doctor Silberstein from Jefferson Headache Clinic in Philadelphia. Many of the meds I was on were no good for me. Also Motrin which I was on 3+ times a day destroys your stomach and also causes headaches. Long story short after several.visots I was admitted to.impatient were I was put on news meds and all old meds stopped. Within 3 days in went fro. A 8-10 headache to a zero. I now still get them but they range from 3-5 daily. We are working on other treatment options but seeing him was a lifesaver. I highly recommend him

  15. Check your bubble water from the stores. Check for phenylalanine what they use to replace sweet flavors. Not sure if spelling is correct. Even aspartame can trigger migraines. I can’t drink the bubble water or diet sodas.

  16. On cream of tater migraine tip where you 1/2teaspoon and water under tongue how can u put 8 ounces of water with cream of tater under tongue. Or does it mean place under tongue and drink it til gone. I been on magnesium everyday for 3 years don’t always help. I drink hibiscus tea for my migraines sometimes it works some times not. Interested on any tips for migraine.

  17. I have a family history of migraines (with aura) and have, unfortunately, passed them on to my children.  A majority of my migraines are hormonal (which have eased with age), but others I feel are triggered by foods.  Red wine, Msg, and too much aged cheese seem to be triggers for me. (I had cut anything with aspartame out of my diet long ago, but that was also a trigger)   I use a “triptan” rx that usually works.  I also drink an Arbonne Complete Hydration (yes, I’m a consultant but I truly find this product works better than anything else) The electrolytes seem to really make a difference in shortening the duration of the migraine signigicantly.  Someone had suggested the other sports drinks to me but they didn’t seem to help and were very sugary.  I also started eating healthier and it cut down on the frequency of my migraines too!  

  18. My daughter (age 20 yrs old) can not have any food dyes. The trigger is from Caramel color to any of the FD&C No.’s. In fact any shampoos or lotions with these colorants are a problem as well. As soon after they enter her system, the migraine headache begins. It is worth reading ALL labels and eliminating them from her diet. Look for Annato, tumeric and beet colors – all natural. Give it a try to see if this is your trigger. Watch the ginger ales(caramel color), relishes & pickles (Yellow No. 5) and even Imitation Vanilla extract(caramel color). Be an advocate for yourself even at restaurants, ice cream parlors and friends’ homes. Avoiding these colors in my daughter’s foods has prevented many painful episodes. It will worth the effort to see if this works for you.

  19. I developed migraines in 2006. I get an aura prior to the migraine and the first time it terrified me. It still scares me a bit even after all these years. Up until a few years ago I would only get a couple of migraines a year. then they started increasing and I was to a point where I was having multiple migraines in a week. I was at a point where I considered putting a bullet in my head as I couldn’t take it any longer.

    In October I saw an advertisement on TV for a drug called Aimovig. I made an appointment with my neurologist and he said lets try it. I took my first dose on October 26th and within a few days all the pain in my head had vanished. I didn’t even realize that I had pain all the time until it was gone. I didn’t get another migraine and then I took my second dose On November 23rd. One week later I got an aura which precedes the migraine. I went home and immediately took my pain medication. I woke up the next morning but didn’t have any pain only the hangover from the med and the sensitivity to light I usually got after a migraine. On December 23rd I took my 3rd dose and again I had a migraine on December 26th but again I cut my pain med down to 1/4th and again I just had the aura and no pain following. I am hopefully optimistic this is a med that is going to work for me!

  20. I used to suffer 2 to 3 a week of extreme migraines, my face would go numb on one side, was terrible. On day 6 of a mega migraine I turned to FB friends and asked about remedies. Was suggested I get a daith piercing. So I wen5 down that day as I was willing to try anything. The relief was instant, didn’t totally get rid of migraine but lessened th 3e severity. That was 12 months ago, both Dsoths are pierced. And I have had maybe 5 migraines in that time, for m ee that’s a Miracle. Wish I had of know about it sooner.

  21. I take a spoonful of coconut oil every morning and attribute my lack of migraines to this natural remedy. I have not had a migraine in 16 months and only about once a year before that. I recommended this to other migraine sufferers who have also had similar results.

  22. To help my migraines i jump in a look cold shower bucket and all . Hubby holds me up and we wait 5 minutes and i go and lay down and sleep it off then in darkest room in the house.

  23. I suffered with mugraines for years and tried everything . Later in years they put out Excredine Migraine . I figured it was was worth a shot and tried it. IT WORKED. now i keep a bottle of extra strength Excredrine Migraine in my house at all times. My daughter uses it now too.

  24. I am a Migraine sufferer and I am taking Magnesium Glycinate not Oxide.  I think you might have the wrong info.  Please check that detail as my neurologist gave me the info on Magnesium Glycinate.  I double the daily recommended dose when I feel a migraine coming on.  I have also begun including Gaba as well and I have not had a debilitating migraine in weeks.  Thank you for posting these ideas.

  25. Using peppermint essential oil on my temples, forehead, jaw and under my nose bring me temporary relief while I wait for meds to kick in. 

  26. As a 20+ year sufferer of migraines I have found that putting icy hot balm (not the cream) or bio freeze directly on the part of my head where it hurts will help ease my pain along with Advil or Excedrin migraine. My family makes fun of me but it’s honestly the only way I can get relief. 

  27. Hi I am a migraine suffer I find that weather has a lot to do with my headache and I have noticed if I have peppermint oil on my  temples as soon as I start to get the headache it helps me a lot! Also I try not to eat a lot of aged food like sharp  cheddar and wines and stuff with preservatives it can cause headaches also. Ice definitely helps me though! 

  28. Rizatriptan, it’s a miracle what this does but, it’s very expensive. I suffer from Berometric pressure headaches & have disks 2-7 out/bulging so I get the very often & for days on end! I also heard to get that little spot pierced that sticks out in your ear or just above the lobe & I will definitely be trying CBD OIL & pill once it’s legal here. I know stage 3&4 cancer patients (brain & pancrease) who are 5yrs cancer free!!! That is a miracle drug our drs do not want us to have bc it cures almost all & will take almost all from their & the pharmaceuticals pockets!! CBD, is where it’s at- 

  29. How do you mix cream of tart with 8oz of water and put under your tongue ??? 

  30. Sitting in the bath tub with the steam and letting the water run over my head from the faucet has always helped my headaches.

  31. The one thing I can count on for migraine relief are ice packs, I put ice pack on my stomach to stop the nauseated feeling, then I put ice packs on my head where the pain is. These ice packs are not in towels or anything else, I need relief now before I start vomiting, cover up with a blanket you will need it.

  32. I used to get 6 to 7 migraines a month some lasting a couple of days at a time. I started CBD oil (for my crohns disease) last May. I take just 3 drops a day under my tongue. I have had a total of 8 migraines since then. They also no longer last days at a time. My crohns disease is also much better. Only having 1 flare up since May.

  33. Orangic peppermint works well also. Rub some in your temporal or where ever you pain is. Also put some in the middle of forehead.

  34. My cousin uses feverfew and she has horrible migraines and that helps her. I have also used feverfew when I start getting the aura. Then I lay down and cover my head up and sleep and I don’t get a full blown migraine.

  35. I get migraines whenever there’s a change in the barometric pressure. My remedy is benadryl and excedrin. My last migraine lasted 3 days. I took double the dose of migraine meds, tylenol PM so I could sleep, muscle relaxers, aspirin and nasal spray (not all at once but over the course of 3 days). None of it worked until I decided to use a different bottle of nasal spray specifically targeted towards sinus pressure, swelling and pain. Woke up the next morning and my migraine was gone. Each migraine is different which is why I tried so many things.

  36. I’ve struggled with migraines for 20 years. I had so many tests done and used different meds but nothing worked. 2 years ago I got a daith piercing and it’s helped ease my migraines by at least 85%. I highly recommend getting the piercing. It hurts during the piercing process but I got instant relief. I very rarely have headaches anymore. It’s been a blessing!

  37. More clarify on cream of tarter please.
    Directions are a little confusing
    Do you put a pinch of the powder under toung and drink the water with the tarter after ?

  38. I used to get migraines all the time, then I read in my husbands Pharmacy magazine about Feverfew, a supplement.  I started taking it once daily and the migraines stopped.  I took it for about 2 years then decided to stop and see what happened.  I haven’t had one since and it’s been about 5 years.

  39. I will rub bengay on my forehead &/or temples. The smell eases the pain. Sometimes I will put it on a kleenax & use it for the smell.

  40. I take a 8 oz water bottle, dump 1/4 of the water out and place the bottle in the freezer. When my migraine starts I grab the bottle. I place under my neck. This allows you to put your neck in the natural curve, you may press against the ice for pressure release and get the ice to relive the inflammation and get the blood flowing again. Works every time! 

  41. I notice sometimes I get a migraine if I am dehydrated, if I drink a couple small bottles of Gatorade kind of fast, not cold, just room temp, it helps.

  42. I suffer from migraines and have been using ice packs for years to get rid of my migraines. I can attest to the fact that the use of ice packs on the back of the neck, where the brain meets the spinal cord, and the use of the ice on the face does in fact work to get rid of migraines. It’s not instantaneous relief, but it always works and it doesn’t take too long to take affect. I’d say after approximately 20 minutes you should start to feel relief from the migraine. I’ve also used Excedrin or, if I don’t have any Excedrin or ice around, I will drink a caffeinated beverage. It too works to get rid of my migraines. Both Excedrin and most sodas contain caffeine and that seems to be a key ingredient in helping to get rid of a migraine. 

  43. Migraine sufferer for 30 years! Horrible, my doctors recommended taking the magnesium along with a folic acid tablet once a day to help prevent them. It has helped for several years, but now I have to add Maxalt tablets for the real bad ones. Plus cut out all diet drinks and red sauce.
    Execedrin migraine works occasionally.

  44. The creme of tartar should be 8 drops, not 8 ounces, I’m guessing?

  45. KEEPING A DIARY IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! Log the foods you ate, your sleep pattern, the weather, activity level, emotional events and your migraine attacks. You’d be surprised at the correlation you’ll make between migraines and your daily routine! It can help you to recognize your triggers and, if possible, avoid them.
    READ THE LABELS on food items! MSG & other preservatives can be triggers. (If it’s ‘quick food’, it most likely contains many preservatives) Cheese, nuts, red wine & chocolate are also common triggers.
    STAY ACTIVE. We all love and need a sleep-in day every now and then; however, too much sleep can be as much a trigger as too little sleep.
    That last migraine you had may have resulted from the bag of Doritos or candy bar you picked up during lunch on a busy workday, rather than the day itself.

  46. I have had migraines since I was 16 and have never found anything that gave me relief except for imigran in the last couple of years. I was getting around 5 migraines a week and honestly felt as though they were ruining my life. In the last 5 months I have had botox in my scalp and neck for migraines from a neurologist and have gone up to two weeks migraine free for the first time in my life. The side effects are pretty full on for me but it is so much better than a daily headache. I feel so grateful and blessed. I paid for the botox privately but I know in some cities they do have a free scheme at hospitals.

  47. 4 years ago my athletic adult daughter began suffering from migraines. We exhausted every avenue we knew of to get rid of them.  They were non stop, 24/7, so bad she was mostly bedridden.  She missed many many days of work.  We traveled to the Head and Neck Institute in Ann
    Arbor, Michigan.  They have their own wing in the towns local hospital.  They hospitalized her for two weeks, weaning her off of over the counter meds that never worked.  The lights were all very low, and the noise level was very low.  Through teams of Dr’s. And Nurses, we left the hospital pain free.  She now knows how to handle them should she get a migraine, and they’re not as scary.  We have recommended this place to several friends who suffer and they have also experienced success at HNI in Ann Arbor.  People from around the world have traveled there.  I am forever grateful to them for giving me back my daughter.  She hasn’t missed one day of work for a migraine.

  48. Thanks for this blog post! I have suffered from migraines for the last decade. I am SO THANKFUL I finally found something to help me get some relief. I discovered something called Wearable Neuro-tech that stimulates neuro-points in the feet (by wearing the socks/insoles), to bring the brain and body back to a balanced state. This has helped me immensely! I have have been migraine-free for over a year now. I highly recommend people give them a try! I hope the rest of you can find some relief as well!

  49. I eat Ginger. About 2 TBSPs or roughly twice the amount you get with a sushi dish. Raw, capsule form, or candied doesn’t work nearly as well as picked, sushi ginger. Maybe I’m unique, but this has been VERY effective for me. Aura is gone in about 10 minutes and NO headache afterwards.
    I’ve also had some success with 4 “rescue ginger” tablets.

  50. My granddaughter’s specialist told her to take magnesium oxide along with vitamin B1 together for her headaches and they help her .

  51. I had bad MIGRAINES for 13 years everyday,, all the meds they gave me only worked for a while,, then someone saw me suffering from one and handed me a pamphlet about migraines,,, there was 17 different things to do try to get rid of them,,, I don’t like to read so I only read the first three things to try and ironically enough started to get one,, so I was finished reading,,,, about a month later while I was having another one,,, I remembered the last method that I had read about migraines,, and it said to try breathing through my mouth and not through my sinuses,,I figured why not try it,,, within 2 to 3 minutes,, the side of my head that was throbbing started getting warm,, then I felt this huge release of pressure in my head and BOOM,, IT WAS GONE!!!!! AND that worked every day for 15 years,,, until now,, this Camp fire has made it so stressful losing everything I can’t seem to shake them off anymore,, but I figured I let others know and hopefully it can give at least ONE person some relief like it did for me,, good luck!

  52. When I had migraines, I found that food was not the cause. I suffer from chronic sinusitis and if my sinuses we’re stuffy, many times it would give me a sinus headache which, if there were weather fronts going through, would kick off a migraine.

  53. I have found that when I am struck with a migraine I take some Ibuprofen, lay down in the darkest and quietest place I can. I place a ice pack on the back of my neck/head and put a cool cloth across my forehead and eyes. It helps me to go to sleep and more often than not when I wake the migraine is gone.

  54. An ice pack on both sides of my head as I lie in a dark room helps a lot.  Then every 15 minutes or so, move those ice packs to the front and back of your head.   Eventually, you go to sleep and u wait up with no head ache.   Tried an d true many, many times. 

  55. Hello all
    I have suffered from migraines for years!
    My magic bullet was…Dramamine…yup…I carry it with me wherever I go…just in case…it relieves my headache and settles my belly…
    Since “mentalpause”,I have been migraine-free…thank GOODNESS

  56. Dramamine did the trick for me ..I carry it wherever I go ..takes away the headache and settles my belly

  57. I had migraines for 25 yrs. I finally took Feverfew and it worked. I have not had a .migraine for the past 23 yrs.

  58. I agree with the cold compress and I take a multi-vitamin with the magnesium oxide and B vitamins (you have to read the label). My migraines are a lot less often and then the compress is always in the freezer.