O Honeydew O Honeydew, Thy Fruit I am Arranging!

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Fruit Christmas Tree

My 8 year old is having his Christmas class party tomorrow and it is first thing in the morning. It will be a breakfast type of thing and we were assigned to bring fruit. Green grapes were already snatched up by someone else so we were a bit limited on how creative we could be and make it simple. We ended up with this Honeydew Christmas Tree and we are so pleased with how cute it turned out. I just can never be ok with dropping off a bag of fruit, but that’s just me!

We used 1 honeydew melon, maraschino cherries, 1 pineapple slice from a can, and just a few dark grapes. We were just going to use a 9×13 tray and cut up strawberries for the background around the tree. However, we found these tree trays at Kroger on clearance and it worked out perfect!

We cut our honeydew into squares and just layered them on the tree tray. We cut 1 pineapple slice to look like a star on top. We cut the cherries in half and lined them up to look like garland. We put a few dark grapes at the bottom for the tree trunk.

How easy is that! Green grapes would look pretty on this as well!

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