Our 2012 Collection of Star Wars Party Food & Crafts!

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Our 2012 Collection of Star Wars Party Food & Crafts!

We have finally gathered up all of our Star Wars party food into one post and we are so happy to share this years party ideas with all of you! We tried to make everything unique and original. We also wanted to switch things up from last years Star Wars party. The picture above is one of our tables from my 6 year olds party. He is the biggest Star Wars fan and just loved all of it!
This is another table from the party…

Our 2012 Collection of Star Wars Party Food & Crafts!
We shared our Planet Hoth Wampa Cake last week and you can get the how tos and other pictures for that here….
Planet Hoth Wampa Cake

Here is the table we had the cake on. We placed Han Solo and one of the AT-ATs outside of the cave cake. We love making scene cakes. We made our Garbage Masher cake last year and everyone seemed to love that cake. We tried to get as close to the Wampa and Luke scene as possible. I am sure some of you Star Wars geeks (including my brother and husband who pointed this out) will see that Han Solo is not in the right clothing outside of the cave, but I am pretty sure none of the children or adults noticed this at the party!;)
Planet Hoth Wampa CakeHere is my 6 year old birthday boy about to blow out his candle!

Planet Hoth Wampa Cake

This is our Yodamelon and the kids LOVED this! This would also be great to make for a summer time treat for the kids other than for a party. Very easy to make and you can get the how tos here….
YodamelonWe made this R2D2 craft by covering a Tinker Toys can with white paper. We flipped over a silver bowl and put that on top. We decorated with construction paper and foil. The arms are from a priority mail box. My husband had these little blue lights that we taped on the bowl…turned out pretty cool!

R2D2 craft

We do not eat beef for pork so we eat a lot of Morning Star and Boca soy products. We thought it would be cute to make ChewBOCCA Burgers instead of Chewbacca. Get it!hehe All I could think to do on this one is to make his strap and put that on top of the burgers. I just didn’t have time to make his face.
This was made by cutting dill pickle slices in half and topping with little provolone cheese squares. You can premake this several days ahead and keep in the fridge. Just stack 2 pieces of cheese and cut into slices..then cut to make squares. Takes a few minutes! We grilled the burgers a few minutes before the party started. There were lots of kids that had never had a soy burger before and loved them!

ChewBOCCA Burgers

Kids always love C-3PO so we wanted to make sure to make him out of something. We decided on Oreo cookie pops and called them C-3P”Oreos”. My brother Brian helped me think up this one.
They were a hit! Get the how tos here…


We served Dark Side Chips (blue chips) with Jango Mango Salsa (premade from the grocery store). I wanted to call these Dark Side Doritos, but they are not really Doritos so I didn’t. However, I don’t think a

bunch of 6 year olds really care! That is a idea for you though!
Dark Side Chips (blue chips) with Jango Mango Salsa (premade from the grocery store)I always insist that we serve some veggies at a party so we made Bobba Fett out of vegetables and called them Bobafettables! We served with Boba Fetta Cheese Dip..hehe!

Bobafettables and Boba Fetta Cheese Dip
I wanted some other fruit for the kids other than watermelon so we made Yodalicious Fruit out of
grapes and a Storm Trooper out of Fruit Dip. We made fruit dip and just decorated it with dark grapes cut in half.
Yodalicious FruitKids love popcorn so we made some and put it in a Star Wars can that my boys had. We called it Padme Popcorn

Padme Popcorn

We always have some sort of fun cheese ball and we decided to make a Darth Cheese Ball this year. You can get the how tos here…

Darth Cheese Ball

We came up with these Jawa Jigglers & they were so good!

Easy to make too! Lots of fun for the kids! You can get the how tos here…
Jawa Jigglers
Yes…we actually made Jabba out of Hummus. My kids love hummus and I thought the name was cute…Jabba the Hummus.:) Very easy to make! Get the how tos here…

Jabba the Hummus

We served our Jabba the Hummus with Padawan Pitas
Padawan Pitas
We also made these Star Wars Pops and they were super easy to make. Can be made ahead. Kids always love Marshmallows and Fruit Roll Ups! Get the how tos here…Star Wars PopsWe wanted to throw in some super easy things to save on some time. We put Teddy Grahams in a bowl and called them Ewokookies. They do look like little Ewoks and the little kids loved them!

These Jabba the Nuts are another easy and fun idea…

Jabba the NutsWe changed up our drinks this year and had Luke Skywater….

Luke Skywater

Jawa Juice
Jawa Juice
and Saber Soda….

Saber SodaWe had Darth Vader masks for the kids….
Darth Vader masks

Here is my happy little 6 year old Jedi Master headed into his jumpy.
Here is my happy little 6 year old Jedi Master headed into his jumpy.

Such a fun day!

We hope that you liked our Star Wars party ideas from this year!

Make sure to check out our Star Wars party from last year here. Including…Chewy Wookiee Cookies, Garbage Masher Cake, Sweet & Salty Sabers, Little Leia Cakes, Storm Troopops, Han Solo Rolos, Yodamole with Trooper Scoopers, Leia Buns, Storm Trooper Cheese Ball, Falcon Ship Dip, Jar Jar Links in a Blanket, Vader Taters, & Saber Sickles!
These boy party ideas were also featured on Spaceships and Laser Beams.
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    OMG! Awesome ideas! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was looking for the best fun snacks for kids, but these are not just easy to prepare, they look super adorable. Very nice site!

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    This is the best star wars party I saw. The designs were creative and the name were humorous such as the jabba the nuts, and c3poreas.

  3. I love your ideas. I am taking some of your ideas and turning them into a Star Wars Date Night for me and my husband! Since Disney bought Lucas films I have been trying to get into Star Wars. I am going to be linking back to you on my blog! Such awesome ideas and healthy ones too!

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    That cake is superb. That is perhaps the most unique piece of your Star Wars birthday party. All those edibles are actually unique. Love the burgers ๐Ÿ™‚

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