The Star Wars Garbage Masher Cake!

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The Star Wars Garbage Masher Cake!

We have a lot of Star Wars goodies to post this week, but we will start out with the cake. My now 5 year old has never wanted just a normal cake. However, that is just fine. I love how he can think outside of the box! He did have some help from his Uncle Brian thinking up this one and I was fine with how easy it would be. The Garbage Masher happens to be his favorite scene from Star Wars so we tried to come as close to it as possible. It’s definitely original! The big Star Wars fans really appreciated this cake and just thought it was awesome!

We used chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate cookie icing, chocolate graham crackers, broken up misc. candy and cookies, large pretzels, 1 green fruit roll up, 1 edible eye ball, and Star Wars figures.

We made our walls with the chocolate graham crackers. We glued each of them together with the cookie icing over lapping them. We set them aside to dry. We made our chocolate cake in the 9×13 pan. We used parchment paper on the bottom for easy release. We needed the cake just a little large for the walls to fit so we broke off 3 small pieces of the graham crackers and stacked those around the whole cake. Worked out great! Then we frosted the whole thing with our chocolate frosting.

We broke up different pieces of cookies and candy that we had around the kitchen and scattered them around the cake. We used black twizzlers, graham crackers, chocolate chips, large pretzels, Star Crunch cookies, etc… We then arranged our washed and cleaned figures to the cake. Leia and Han Solo are holding a large pretzel stick for the pole that was used in the scene. We then placed our graham cracker walls around the sides. We placed Chewbacca at the door and Luke being pulled under by the creature. For the creature we covered half of a pretzel stick with a green fruit roll up. We attached a green jelly bean for his head and our edible eye ball on the jelly bean. We used the rest of the fruit roll up for the creatures leg that is pulling Luke under.

If we had more time we would have covered Han Solo and Luke in white fondant to look like they were wearing Storm Trooper outfits like the scene, but we ran out time! This was a pretty easy and fun cake to make!! My little Star Wars birthday boy was very pleased!!

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8 comments on “The Star Wars Garbage Masher Cake!”

  1. Well thank you! I still wish I would have had time to put Han and Luke in the Storm Trooper outfits maybe with fondant and a couple of other details that are missing. I am probably one of the few geeks that would notice this stuff!ha Glad you like it!

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