Chewie Wookie Cookies

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Star Crunch Wookie Cookies

We made these Chewbacca Wookie cookies for my sons Stars Wars birthday party. We used Little Debbie Star Crunch cookies, cookie frosting, mini chocolate chips, edible eye balls, and mini heart candies.

Chewie Wookie Cookies

We decided to use the Star Crunch cookies because we thought that the crisp rice in the cookie would look like hair and well…they are chewy!. They are round so we shaped them into more of a square. We added our chocolate cookie frosting for the mouth and to attach our edible eyes. We piped more frosting over the top of the eyes. We attached our mini chocolate chip for the nose. We broke mini heart candies in half for the teeth. Pointed side down for the fangs and the rest on the rounded side.

The kids loved them…and our Wookiee Cookies were gone in a flash!

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14 comments on “Chewie Wookie Cookies”

  1. So great! I love "and well…they are chewy!" so something I would say… lol great idea and great snack for a party!

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