Owl Back to School Lunch with Babybel!

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Owl Back to School Lunch with Babybel!

We were asked by Babybel to create a Back to School Lunch & came up with this cute Owl Lunch! This fun lunch is so easy to make & my boys thought this was super cute. This is also a fun lunch that the kids can create all by themselves!

Owl Lunch

1 Babybel
2 Raisins
2 pieces of whole wheat bread (sandwich of choice)
2 Baby Carrots
Pretzel Spoons or Mini Pretzel Twists
1 Pretzel Rod
Kale Chips (or you could use green grapes)

Start out by cutting one piece of bread into the shape of a owl. Use that piece as a guide to cut the other piece using kitchen scissors. Place on a plate or a bento container (picture below). Cut a Babybel in half & place on the top for eyes. Press on raisins for the pupils. Break the pretzel spoons in half & press on the front sides to look like wings. You can also use mini pretzel twists. Use peanut butter to attach if needed. Cut the baby carrots using a knife to make the beak & feet. Place a pretzel rod at the bottom. We used kale chips for the leaves, but you could also use green grapes if your kids refuse to eat kale. I suggest trying the kale chips…you might be surprised at how good they taste!

Pack Up Some Fun With Mini Babybel:

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We received this fun “Snack a little Bigger” package from Babybel to create our Back to School lunch. I am in love with this lunch container! The bottom pops out & it’s great for storage. It even includes a fork, spoon, & knife all in one!:) We also love the Weelicious Lunches cook book…so many great ideas!


Here is how we pack our fun Owl lunch up for school. Use the directions above for the Owl sandwich. We included yogurt with fall leaf sprinkles & a clementine. This includes a healthy lunch for the kids that they will love to eat up (& play with) at school!:)

fun Owl lunch up for school

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3 comments on “Owl Back to School Lunch with Babybel!”

  1. You come up with such amazing ideas! My grandson is almost 2 now and I am so obsessed with trying out your different ideas , like I just wanna do them all in one day haha.

  2. Beth Jackson Klosterboer

    Cute owl. I've not seen pretzel spoons, but will have to seek them out in my grocery store. They made perfect wings.

    1. I think they are pretty new. They do make great wings! I bet both of us can find lots of fun way to use them!:)

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