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Rudolph the Red Nosed S’mores Pop!

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Rudolph the Red Nosed S'mores Pop!
I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that S’mores Pops are my boys favorite. They always ask for them so we try to think up new ways to make them fun. We decided to make these Rudolph S’mores Pops last week and we loved how cute they turned out to be!

We used graham crackers, jumbo marshmallows, chocolate cookie frosting, red candies, edible eyes, pretzels, and lollipops sticks.

We broke the long graham crackers in half. We cut out 2 different size circles with round cookie cutters. We had no problem at all with any of it breaking. Save the scraps to make the ears. Cut a jumbo marshmallow in half. Poke the stick through the marshmallow half. Squeeze chocolate cookie frosting on one side of the marshmallow. Press it down on one of the cut out circle graham crackers. Squeeze the cookie frosting on the top side of the marshmallow and press the other graham cracker round on top of that. Let it dry.

We cut out the ears from the edges of the graham cracker scraps. Attach them with the cookie frosting on the back side of the top round graham cracker. We broke our large pretzels to look like antlers. Attach them with cookie frosting on the back side of the round graham cracker.

Attach the smaller circle graham cracker cut out on top of the larger round cut out to make the nose with cookie frosting. Let that dry. Attach a red candy on top for the red nose. Attach the edible eyes with cookie frosting.

Here is a side view…
Rudolph the Red Nosed S'mores Pop!
These Reindeer S’more Cookies were so fun and easy to make! I am sure kids would love these for a class party at school. Here are my happy little boys with their Reindeer Pops…
Rudolph the Red Nosed S'mores Pop!
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