Scarecrow Pancake Breakfast

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We thought it would be cute to make a Scarecrow Pancake Breakfast! Such a fun Fall breakfast for the kids!

Scarecrow Pancake Breakfast for Kids!

Scarecrow Pancake Breakfast Ingredients


We beat 2 eggs and poured them into a pan on med. heat (like you are making a omelette). Set that on a plate and let it cool. Make a circle on the pan with your pancake mix for the face.

We used kitchen scissors and cut out the arms and hat out of the eggs. We cut green grapes in half for the overalls and cut dark grapes in half for the pupils, crow, and band around the hat. We cut 1 square marshmallow in half for the eyes. We cut a few raisins in half for the mouth. We also cut up shredded wheat with a knife to make the hay.

We just used what we had on hand, but any other fruit would work well. It was fun to make and we hope that you have fun making it too!

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11 comments on “Scarecrow Pancake Breakfast”

  1. Happy Home Fairy

    Featuring these at Happy Home Fairy tomorrow!!! Woot woot! You have the most creative mind – and I love that you involve your Happy Buddies!

  2. Hi Jill,
    My sister (AA) told me about your blog. Super cool to be here after seeing your post via Tip Junkie on my reader. Perhaps I will have to stalk your blog too;)
    Such cute ideas!!

  3. Christy, The Simple Homemaker

    This site is VERY COOL!!! We found you through Tip Junkie, and, as my daughter says, "COOL!"

  4. The Atypical Housewife

    Wow, how wonderful and creative!! Great job!! Thank you so much for sharing and bringing me some food inspiration!

  5. Hi Jill,
    I've been following your blog since you started it, and I check every single posts you've got. You really are super creative! I'm soooooo impressed by how often you come up with new ideas! It seems like you always have something new in your head!!!
    Also, i would like to thank you for including my cheese pop on your Fun Finds Friday

  6. Romanian Princess

    I love your blog! If you want to PLEASE come check out my blog, and if you like it, you should probably follow! XoXo Nicole Mariana