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Tennessee’s Treetop Skywalk is the Longest Tree-Based Bridge in North America!

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I am always trying to find unique places to visit while traveling to different states around the country. This is why I have been dreaming of going to see Tennessee’s treetop skywalk!

Tennessee’s Treetop Skywalk

Tennessee’s Treetop Skywalk

Tennessee’s treetop skywalk is actually the longest tree-based bridge in all of North America. You will find it in a town called Gatlinburg in a theme park called Anakeesta.

Anakeesta is going to be offering a walkthrough of this treetop skywalk. It will feel like a dream, and will definitely relax and ease your mind. It is a must-have spot to go see, especially during a time like this when our world is so out of hand, so be sure to add it to your list.

As mentioned on their website, “Guests will walk more than 800 feet along a spectacular series of sky-bridges suspended 50-60 feet in the air.”

You will find yourself immersed in nature as you walk through this beautiful bridge. Their website also states, “Experience what it feels like to be a bird in the treetops. Keep a sharp eye, you may spot a bear on the forest floor below or a woodpecker nearby.”

I have always wanted to feel like a bird, and now I can right here in Tennessee!

April Incident

Sadly, in April this theme park and bridge faced an incident. There was a huge storm that knocked down three five-ton trees on the bridge. Unfortunately, part of the walkway was damaged.

Tennessee’s Treetop Skywalk

However, 11 of the 16 bridges are still up and running! The storm should just how strong and durable these bridges truly are.

If you feel stressed or just have a lot on your mind right now, it might be worth it to take a trip up to Tennessee. This theme park is surrounded by nature which will help you relax and calm down. One walk on Tennessee’s treetop skywalk and you will feel refreshed and ready to go back to conquering the world!

Is this place on your bucket list now because it sure is for me!

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We went there over spring break before Covid. Absolutely beautiful we walk to the bridge and enjoyed it all so much! Would have  loved to seen it all lit up!

We are moving to Tennessee this summer and will definitely stop by

I have been there is is fun and beautiful 


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