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There is a Creepy Hiking Trail in Georgia Lined with Old Doll Heads

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Did you know there is actually a hiking trail in Georgia lined throughout with old doll heads? It is incredibly creepy, but maybe that’s what motivates some people to exercise?

Marcus O. Bst

It is even named Doll’s Head Trail and is located in Constitution Lakes Park in Atlanta, Georgia. While it does seem really creepy, there is actually a pretty good story behind it.

Marcus O. Bst

Joel Slaton created this trail. All the markers, including the doll heads, were found in the park as he created it. There are also other interesting objects thrown into the woods as well, including, bottles, bricks, appliances, etc.

Marcus O. Bst

This trail was once a factory, so maybe that helps make it not as creepy?

If you are in for an unsettling hike, check out this virtual tour.

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