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This Woman Creates Natural Looking Dolls

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Every girl wants to play with dolls when they are young. However, lately, dolls in today’s society do not portray natural beauty as they have tons of makeup on them. These dolls set unrealistic expectations for these young girls. However, one woman is trying to change all of this as she creates natural looking dolls!

Woman Behind the Dolls

Sonia Singh is the artist and creator behind these dolls. She created these all by herself and owns the shop Tree Change Dolls. Each doll is made a little bit differently so each is unique and special.

Another beautiful thing about these dolls is that they are recycled dolls. Sonia goes to second-hand stores and finds these dolls to give them a new life.

Ready for adventure! These unique little dolls will be my Etsy shop in under an hour. Where will their new homes be, I wonder?

Posted by Tree Change Dolls on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Process

First, Sonia will take off all the paint from the face, which includes all the heavy makeup on the lips and eyes. She then will repaint the eyes and face to make them look natural. She does not add any makeup on the dolls.

If needed, she will then touch up and repair the hands, feet, or other parts of the body to make it look new and fresh. The hair is then cleaned, trimmed, and done in a beautiful style.

After she is finished will all that, her mom will help her with the fashion part of the doll by making new clothes for them. Each of the clothes is specifically made for them to have outdoor adventures in them. Some of these clothes include knitted sweaters and dresses, soft skirts, and comfy pants.

Where to Order

Sonia sells these dolls on her Etsy page, Tree Change Dolls. Each month she releases a new batch of these natural-looking dolls. Her September dolls were released September 2 so if you want a doll be sure to check it out now before they sell out! They typically sell out super fast so be on the lookout for her October collection.

For this time, she says, “For this sale, I will be donating 10% from the sale of each doll to Tasmanian Land Conservancy to help protect our unique and wonderful natural habitats for future generations.” What an awesome thing to do!

If you want your little girl to have more natural looking dolls, be sure to check out this woman and her incredible work!

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