TikTok Cooking Hack Leaves Man With Burns All Over Face

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TikTok has so many fun hacks and tips to make life so much easier. But, like with everything, this means many things can, unfortunately, go wrong. For this man, an egg cooking hack left his face completely burned.


Gary McDougal decided to try an egg cooking hack he found on TikTok. However, he posted this video explaining how everything went terribly wrong. He tries to warn people to never cook poached eggs in the microwave!

McDougal explains in his video that when he took the egg out of the microwave, the boiling water just exploded all over his face and immediately burned him.

He also commented on his video, “I think the egg has taken up the surface area of the cup and when I’ve put the spoon in it to get it out the bubbling pressure and air has popped, or trapped air pressure, either way no more for me.”

According to Deadline News, he further told them, “You boil the kettle, fill an ordinary teacup halfway up with water and then crack the egg into the cup. You then put it in the microwave for 40 seconds and voila, one poached egg.”

He now is trying to warn people everywhere to never poach an egg in the microwave, just buy one of the machines instead!

Many other TikTok users commented sharing that they had similar experiences. Luckily Gary McDougal will fully recover!

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4 comments on “TikTok Cooking Hack Leaves Man With Burns All Over Face”

  1. It doesn’t take very much time to just poach it on the store top. Boil the water with a little vinegar in it. When it comes to a steady boil (not rolling) – stir and create a vortex in the pot. Crack your egg into a small bowl or prep dish. Careful pour the egg into the vortex – away from you. Take a spoon and kind of keep the egg in a round shape. Cook to the desired time for your egg. Remove it with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towel. No facial damage!

  2. Diane Deininger

    This can also happen when you heat up soup in the microwave in a cup.  I’ve had it happen. Let the soup relax once you take out of microwave then add the spoon slowly to the soup. You’ll know if it reacts to the spoon.

  3. I thought everyone knew not to put a spoon into boiling water from the microwave,  with or without the egg the water would have exploded in his face