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25 Uses for Dryer Sheets You Need To Know

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For a long time, I’ve found all sorts of uses for dryer sheets. I love the smell, but I also need to make money go as far as I can.

That’s why I do a lot more with (new and used) dryer sheets than simply toss them in my laundry.

25 Genius uses for Dryer Sheets that you probably never knew about

25 Uses for Dryer Sheets

1. Shine up chrome. Dampen a used dryer sheet and shine up the bathroom faucet or toaster.

2. Keep your scissors sharp by wiping the blades with a used sheet between uses.

3. Buh-bye pet hair!  Rub a dryer sheet over your sofa, bed, etc and it’ll gather up all that hair from your fur baby.

4. Clean oven racks. Soak them overnight in some Dawn dishwashing liquid with some dryer sheets thrown in. The dirt and grime will wipe off easy the next day.

5. Put them in your drawers and they’ll make your clothes smell fresh and clean for a long time.

6. Ward off gnats and mosquitoes. Put a fresh sheet in your pocket and leave a little sticking out. Those flying little monsters don’t like the smell. Same with Mice!

7. A used dryer sheet is the best dusting cloth ever. Shelves, floors, lamps, you name it.

8. Dirty pots and pans are no match for a dryer sheet. Soak your pan in water, dishwashing soap, and a dryer sheet for about an hour.

That burned on goo that was stuck before will come right off.

9. One of the great uses for dryer sheets is the smelly shoes solution. Cut a fresh sheet in half and put one half in each shoe.

10. Clean paint brushes. Soak the in warm water with a dryer sheet for a couple hours.

11. Banish soap scum on shower doors. One of the uses for dryer sheets most people don’t know is how to use them to clean shower doors. Just wet a fresh sheet and scrub. They’re amazing.

12. Flyaway hair can be tamed by rubbing a used dryer sheet on your hair.

13. Discourage dust from accumulating on your TV by wiping it down with a used sheet.

14. Instantly make your car smell better by placing a fresh dryer sheet under a seat.

15. Got deodorant streaks on your shirt? Rub it off with a dryer sheet!

16. Get rid of toilet bowl rings by scrubbing with used dryer sheets.

17. Pop a dryer sheet inside your folded sheets to make sure they have that “just washed” fresh smell when you make a bed.

18. Keep a dryer sheet in your stored luggage. It won’t smell musty when you need to use it.

19. Hide dryer sheets around your house to make everything smell fresh and clean.

You can put them under sofa cushions, in baskets, anywhere you can find a hiding place.

20. Wipe your blinds down with dryer sheets once a month. It’ll help repel dust accumulation.

21. Dust and clean baseboards by rubbing them with a used dryer sheet.

22. Used dryer sheets packed in empty toilet paper rolls make great fire starters.

23. Clean hairbrushes by soaking them in warm water with a dryer sheet. Fresh and clean!

24. Send one with your kiddo to place in their school locker. It’ll smell so much better!

25. Make your own Swiffer pads. All you need is a few dryer sheets and you’re good to go.

The BEST uses for Dryer Sheets

Do you have more uses for dryer sheets?

Please tell me what they are? I want to know and I’m sure readers want to know, too!

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Dryer sheets also good for taming static in your hair especially in the winter..just pass over with a new sheet

Keep a few dryer sheets in your car as emergency clothes brushes when you notice as you’re parking your car that your dark pants are covered in white pet hair. (Even though I checked right before I left!)

I haven’t read the comments, so maybe someone already suggested: Mice don’t like dryer sheets. When we store vehicles for the winter here in northern Minnesota we put fresh dryer sheets under the hood, under seats, up under the visors, in the glove compartment, in the trunk, and even in the tailpipe. Unless your garage is mouse proof, the mice get in over the winter, but they stay out of the vehicles with dryer sheets in them.

Wetting a dryer sheet takes bugs off your car!

Don’t really work swiping furniture within 20 mins there’s dust again

Wet dryer sheets are amazing at cleaning dried bugs from the front of a car.   They just melt away.  

Put a dryer sheet in the mailbox to keep out spiders and ants.

sorry but never heard of “dry sheets”… I am from Australia

They are dryer sheets Coles and woolies sell them they are used for putting in your dryer with your wet clothes they come out with no static and smell lovely

I. Put one of two in my sweeper bag

Used dryer sheets, dampened with a little water, will get all the dead, smashed bugs off the front of your car and the headlights! I always just dip the dryer sheet in my soapy bucket when washing the cars!

Loved your suggestions! And I have one more!
I put new dryer sheets behind my floor vents when selling my home!
Hidden, but a subtle fresh smell throughout the house! 
I did remove them when we moved.

I use the used dryer sheets to clean water marks and toothpaste splatters from the bathroom mirror.

Spiders do not like dryer sheets! So place under cushions and anywhere, out of sight, that spiders might appear.

Put a dryer sheet in your mailbox to keep insects out for your mail carrier and you!

Dryer sheets will take bugs off of the front of a car. Just wet the dryer sheet and scrub the bugs off. Windshields too.

Wet dryer sheet will clean bugs and tar off your car

They also make a great backing for string quilts.  It’s a good foundation and also smells very nice.  

I put a new dryer sheet in the bottom of my waste baskets to keep them smelling fresh.

Stick a couple in your heater vents makes room smell good when heater goes on

I have 2
1. Put several up against the air conditioning screen put back and snap into place
When you turn your ac your room will smell great
2.if you have a fan ,clip using metal clips to the fan,turn on,your room will smell great

Use Bounce dryer sheets tied around your car engine to repel mice, put places where bees like to make nests.


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