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Waffle House’s Annual Valentine’s Day Dinner is Now Accepting Reservations

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Do you know what you are doing for Valentine’s Day? Have you tried Waffle House before? You can now reserve your seat for a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner like no other!

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Around 150 Waffle House locations around the country are having their annual Valentine’s Day dinner.

While each location is different and will have a variety of options, this special dinner typically will include dimmed lighting, white tablecloths, and plenty of romantic decorations. You’ll find a delicious meal for two which is usually salad, steak, heart-shaped hashbrowns and so much more.

This will be a dinner you won’t forget!

Waffle House has been doing these special dinners for couples for over a decade. Many go to Waffle House every year for their Valentine’s Day celebration.

Be sure to secure your spot with a reservation. You will find a list of participating locations and more information here.

Who will be heading over to Waffle House this Valentine’s Day?

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