A Little Boy’s Feet Melted Playing At a Splash Pad

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Let me warn you up front that this is truly a heartbreaking story and one that’s hard for me to even write. This is the account of what happened to one little boy at a splash pad in the Seattle area. I think it’s incredibly important for parents to read so that it won’t happen to their kids or anyone else’s.

Splash Pad Dangers

Andrew Sechrist, the little boy’s Dad, was interviewed by a Seattle news station.

Splash Pad Tragedy

Sechrist’s sweet little 17-month-old son was enjoying splashing around at the local park on a hot day. You probably have one in your town.

They are often near a pool and have all sorts of sprinklers and fun water features that little ones can play in without actually getting in a swimming pool.

Some are located in the part of the pool that has water that’s only inches deep, while others aren’t near a pool.

They’re perfect for small children because they’re such fun. It’s a great way to spend a hot summer’s afternoon.

Or so I thought.

Sechrist said when his son started crying he thought the toddler had fallen down. When he got to him he saw that his feet were white. “They had basically melted,” he said.

Turns out there was a metal grate on the ground in the play area. When the reporter tested the grate around the same time of day the incident occurred, the thermometer reached 115 degrees immediately.

The little boy wound up at two different hospitals and in the end, he was hospitalized with 2nd-degree burns. He had to wear bandages up to his knees.

Understandably the dad was in tears describing it.

You can watch the interview here.


How to protect your child at the splash pad

Check the area for anything that could hurt them. For sure be on the lookout for metal that can (and will) get hot.

The surfaces of splash pads are concrete. It’s supposed to be textured to help prevent falls, but we all know that concrete can get slick when covered with water. Supervise your children to make sure they don’t run.

In addition to dangers like the one this little boy suffered, doctors warn that kids can get really, really sick from a trip to a splash pad because of illnesses that are lurking in the water.

E. coli infection is one disease that’s often found in the water. It spreads when kiddos get it in their mouths and it can make them super sick. Cryptosporidiosis (aka Crypto) is another disease that can be in the water. It’s a diarrheal disease caused by microscopic parasites.

Talk to your kids about keeping their mouths closed when they’re playing. (I know. Almost impossible.) Definitely make sure they wash their hands well afterward.

Watch for signs of illness like diarrhea, cramping, and nausea and get them to the doctor. Be sure and let your pediatrician they’ve been playing at the splash pad.

In short, supervise, supervise, supervise. That’s the best way to protect our kids no matter what the situation.

Have you known anyone who got hurt at a splash pad or pool? Tell us about it.

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