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“We-Shed” – One For You And Your Spouse

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A She-Shed and a Man-Cave combined into this awesome “We-Shed” for the backyard! We just love this idea! What do you think?

via Portable Buildings of Houston

We spotted these awesome Sheds by Portable Buildings of Houston and thought this was a fantastic idea, so we just had to share! This is also a great idea to have a cozy office in the backyard. The possibilities are endless!


You can view all of their other Shed creations HERE.

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I have been impressed by many of these Mini Houses; however, this is my favorite.

I was thinking this would be an interesting way to create a family cabin. One as the main house containing living room, dining room and kitchen and bathroom…then smaller unattached buildings having a bedroom and bathroom and maybe a sitting area….as the family grows…you add more buildings.

Exactly what i was thinking but joined in the middle with large deck with fire pit and spa 

Love tha Intire idea wow I wished I had one ? The shed lol

So in love with this. I have a she shed that is smaller. We are so looking to down size in our home front. Since we are empty nesters. I would love to see what options you have available, so I can show the hubby. Please send info. Thank you very much.

I think I could be very happy in that she-shed! I love all of your postings. Keep them coming.

This is awesome! It could be great for family and in-law house when they are older. 


Love this! This is kinda a throwback to the old cracker houses in Florida! Like at the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings homestead! Throw in a third for a cook-shack and I’d live there 🙂 

These would be great for us
The way they are up from the ground. Since we were flooded last spring & had to redo our downstairs. This could solve our problem to stay dry
We could have a

Love it but I need a she shed and a she cave because I don’t have a man in my life. It’s all about me lol . They would look absolutely beautiful on my land


Love it. Looking for something just like this. Would love more information.

Love this cabin what’s price on these if. I can ask

why be married if you want a separate house???? adding more houses as your family grows….lol… will look like a bloody commune. 


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