13 Weird Health Symptoms We Wish Every Adult Knew

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Sometimes our bodies display some pretty weird health symptoms to alert us that something isn’t quite right. From our fingernails to our elbows, there are warning signs that can help us do what we need to in order to be healthy. That’s what this post is about.

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13 Weird Health Symptoms We Wish Every Adult Knew

Weird Health Symptoms

I really hope if you ever have any symptoms that seem a little weird to you, that you’ll go to a doctor asap. And yet, too many people, especially women, ignore the things their bodies are trying to tell them.

Remember, I’m a blogger, not a doctor. Talk to yours to find out everything you need to know about your symptoms.

13 Weird Health Symptoms We Wish Every Adult Knew

SYMPTOM: Getting up to pee in the middle of the night.
POSSIBLE UNDERLYING CAUSE: High blood pressure. Your risk is raised by 40% when you wake to go to the bathroom, and the more times you get up the higher your risk. (source)

SYMPTOM: Your tooth or jaw hurts when you walk or exercise.
POSSIBLE UNDERLYING CAUSE: It could be a sign of a heart attack. The pain should subside on its own when you rest, but if not, get to a doctor. (source)

SYMPTOM: You crave ice.
POSSIBLE UNDERLYING CAUSE: Very often it’s an iron deficiency. (source)

13 Weird Health Symptoms - grey hair

SYMPTOM: You have gray hair, but very dark or black eyebrows.
POSSIBLE UNDERLYING CAUSE: Type 2 diabetes may be the culprit. (source)

SYMPTOM: Losing weight without even trying.
POSSIBLE UNDERLYING CAUSE: Thyroid, pancreatitis, and diabetes may be the reason. (source)

SYMPTOM:  You have a hoarse voice.
POSSIBLE UNDERLYING CAUSE: A feature of Lyme disease is having a hoarse voice. (source)

SYMPTOM: The back of your neck has a discoloration that you might mistake as a rash.
POSSIBLE UNDERLYING CAUSE: The name for it is acanthosis nigricans and it may be a sign of diabetes.  (source)

SYMPTOM: Your pants are longer on you than before.
UNDERLYING CAUSE: A symptom of osteoporosis is loss of height. (source)


SYMPTOM: You fall asleep whenever you have a minute to get still.
UNDERLYING CAUSE: Sleep apnea may be preventing sound sleep. (source)

SYMPTOM: You always feel like something is stuck in your throat.
UNDERLYING CAUSE: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis frequently causes that sensation. (source)

SYMPTOM: You are always scratching your arms and legs. No matter what you do, it won’t stop.
UNDERLYING CAUSE: The liver may be behind this symptom. (source)

SYMPTOM: Your eyebrows are much thinner now than they once were.
UNDERLYING CAUSE: The thyroid is notorious for this. (source)

Toenail Symptoms

SYMPTOM: Your toenails don’t grow anymore, or they grow thicker than normal.
UNDERLYING CAUSE: Peripheral artery disease causes trouble getting blood to the lower extremities because of plaque build up in the arteries. (source)

Have you ever experienced any weird health symptoms?

So, what happened as a result? Were you diagnosed with something or was everything just fine?

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4 comments on “13 Weird Health Symptoms We Wish Every Adult Knew”

  1. Stella Holmes

    I have a weird “symptom” that my doctor ignores! My fingernails on one hand are very weak and break easily and grow very slowly. The other hand the nails are strong and grow normally. I just would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and found an answer? 

  2. How many times I get up during the night directly correlates with how much I have to drink during the day, and especially in the evening. More to drink = more times getting up to pee

  3. Actually, I ate ice for years until I was diagnosed and treated for iron deficiency anemia. And the hoarse voice being a symptom of lyme made me stop in my tracks. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago. I have a lot of aymptoms of lyme but have never been tested, will be bringing it up to my doc. Thanks!