Scientist Are Encouraging Parents To Save Their Child’s Baby Teeth

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Scientists and doctors are urging parents to save their child’s baby teeth. The amount of stem cells present in their teeth could possibly save their lives in the future.

Why Parents should save their Child's Baby Teeth

Stem cells are widely used to treat diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and bone cancers, such a leukemia. The stem cells in your child’s baby teeth could be used to create bone marrow that’s much more likely to be accepted by your child’s body . You have to have a compatible bone marrow donor to treat these and other medical conditions. In most cases you have to wait a long period of time to find a donor for treatment that is a bone marrow match. Having the teeth avoids the wait. Any teeth that are pulled, including wisdom, are beneficial for banking.

Stem Cells

Many parents choose to save their children’s baby teeth as mementos. Some choose to just toss them in the trash. I am one of those that wanted to keep my boys teeth for keepsakes and have these adorable containers to store them found HERE. Then there are others that save the teeth for stem cell use, which I definitely would have considered if I had known about it back then. Allow a dentist to handle the teeth if you are banking the tooth for stem cells.

We would love to hear from those of you that have decided to save your child’s teeth.



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26 comments on “Scientist Are Encouraging Parents To Save Their Child’s Baby Teeth”

  1. I kept my 3 son’s teeth … Not sure which ones belongs to which kid … Not sure why I kept them, as they are all in their 30’s right now ….

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