Alarming Model Shows What Avid Gamers Could Look Like In 20 Years

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Do you have an avid gamer in your home? Researchers are now looking into what a gamer will look like in 20 years, and the results are shocking!

Avid Gamers

Avid gamers are those who are addicted to playing video games. They never stop playing, as it becomes their life. Gaming addiction is now recognized as a serious addiction and official psychological disorder.

Gaming addiction is different from normal gaming time though. You can tell the difference between the two quite easily. Someone who is addicted to gaming will:

  • choose to game over normal everyday activities
  • have impaired control over gaming
  • continue gaming even though there are many negative consequences

20 Years Model

Researchers via have developed a model named Michael to show just how avid gaming can make someone look like in 20 years.

In 20 years, Michael will have extremely poor posture and be a hunchback. His shoulders will be round. He will be so sleep deprived that their eyes are bloodshot and have dark circles around them.

His skin will be very pale and will have deficiencies in vitamin D and B12. With the lack of sunshine, he will also get bald patches. Of course, without exercising, Michael will be obese.

He will have strains in his thumbs and have ulceration on his hands from holding the controllers nonstop. Without normal blood flow, he will develop varicose veins. His ankles will also become swollen. Also due to the lack of blood flow, his ears will become hairy.

Michael will also get an indent in his head caused by constantly wearing a headset. He will develop arthritis, especially in his trigger finger. Lastly, Michael has stress-induced eczema.


Right now, during quarantine, many are starting to play video games more regularly. The researchers gave five tips to help during this time to stay safe and healthy while playing video games.

  1. Exercise: make sure to take time each day to exercise. It will help your joints and keep you from becoming obese.
  2. Prevent eye strain: take time in between games to stop looking at your screen to give your eyes a break. Play games in a well-lit room.
  3. Healthy diet: eat a well-balanced diet. Make sure to keep eating throughout the day healthy snacks. It will also improve your gaming skills as you will have more energy.
  4. Posture: make sure to sit properly and sit as straight as you can. Find support for your back. Take lots of breaks to stretch.
  5. Hydrate: make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Stop drinking soda, and instead have a water bottle close by to take frequent drinks from.

If your kids are playing video games, make sure they are still taking care of themselves. Make sure they are practicing good habits to stay healthy and strong, even after the quarantine is over. You don’t want to see your gamer in 20 years be unhealthy!

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