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Awesome Lego Movie Pancakes for Breakfast

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We went to see the new Lego Movie a couple of weeks ago & my boys thought it was AWESOME!  You will get the whole awesome thing once you see it. I am not big on kids movies at all, but thought this movie was so well made & funny!  We decided to make Lego Movie Pancakes & my 3 year old just loved this!

Lego Movie Pancakes

Pancake Mix (we like Bisquick)


2 Chocolate Chips

1 Marshmallow

1 Strawberry

1 Clementine


Start out by mixing your pancake mix according to the box directions.  We separated the mix into 2 bowls & mixed a little cocoa in one of them to make chocolate pancakes.  Pour your regular mix in a pan on low heat & shape the head. It does not have to look perfect. Just cut around the edges using kitchen scissors to shape.  Make a couple more small pancakes using the chocolate mix & then cut out the hair & shirt pieces using the kitchen scissors. We used clementine slices for the construction outfit. We used 2 chocolate chips for the eyes.  We cut the ends off of a marshmallow & shaped one end into teeth & the other end into the top of his shirt. We cut the tip off of a strawberry to make the tongue.

We used Nutella to write Awesome on the top by spooning a small amount in a baggie & snipping off the edge to pipe it on.

Here is a close up…

My 3 year old thought that this was the most awesome breakfast ever!!

If you have a fan of the Lego Movie or leggos you should definitely make this breakfast…they will love it!

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  1. These Lego pancakes are adorable. We gave the Lego movie two mini fig hands up at our house.

  2. We just saw the movie for a 2nd time.. I Love this!!

  3. totally awesome! have to make these for kiddos!

  4. That is really awesome! (Just like it says!) Pinning this one!

  5. ooo I love this! Your pancakes are awesome! hehe 🙂