Big-Headed Babies Grow Up to Be Smart Adults

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Big-headed babies grow up to be smarter, according to some recent research. If your baby was born with a large head circumference, they may grow up to be smarter than babies with smaller heads.

Big-Headed Babies Grow Up to Be Smart Adults

Before we talk about head circumference, which is a sentence I never imagined myself writing (lol), I want to call out some other important posts we’ve written about as it pertains to kids and their safety. They only take a minute to read, but they could save your kids (and you) so much pain.

First, a story that broke our hearts. “Baby Colton’s mom and dad were away from home and were in a pinch at naptime. It forced them to improvise, as all parents do from time to time. Now Colton has brain damage and they want you to know what happened so that it doesn’t happen to you.” Click here to read about baby Colton. 

Second, a post about a 17-month-old boy who was severely injured in a way I’d never heard before. “The little boy wound up at two different hospitals and in the end, he was hospitalized with 2nd-degree burns. He had to wear bandages up to his knees.” Click here to read about the little boy in Seattle.

Big-Headed Babies Grow Into Smart Adults

It’s true. Research shows these babies grow up to “score higher on verbal-numerical reasoning tests.”

The Independent reported, “The study used data from 100,000 Britons, stored by the UK Biobank which has collected more than half a million samples from people aged between 37 and 73 years.”

That’s a pretty significant pool of data if you ask me. Coming from a long line of big-headed babies, myself included, I might not be above pointing to this study as often as I need in order to feel like a brainiac.

A new update to a resume, maybe? I can see it now. Dear Pediatrician, I am requesting a reference letter attesting to my large head circumference so that I can impress an employer. 

Head Circumference Sizes

A newborn’s head is about half the baby’s body length in cm plus 10 cm. So a baby that is 18 inches long would be 45.7 centimeters (18 x 2.54). His or her head would be about 32.9 cm or a little under 13 inches. – The University of Rochester. 

If your baby’s head is larger, and he or she is healthy otherwise, start thinking about their future alma mater!  Is it too early to start an application to Harvard?

Did your baby have a big noodle?

Sweet! Are they little smarty-pants? No matter how hard it is to find a hat that fits or a darling little headband that doesn’t look too tight, it doesn’t matter. Someday their IQ will make it all worth it.

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