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New Blackberry Cobbler Candy Corn

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Now that everyone is in full mode for Halloween to come around, it is time to talk about candy corn. This topic is so controversial on both sides as you either love it or hate it; there is no in-between. However, your opinion might change once you see that there are new flavors of candy corn coming out, like this new blackberry cobbler!

Blackberry Cobbler Candy Corn

Image via Peggy Gray Candies & Gifts

Blackberry Cobbler Flavored Candy Corn

This new blackberry cobbler flavored candy corn is incredible. It is the perfect flavor for fall and Halloween in general. Instead of the traditional yellow, white, and orange colors, this new flavor instead has purple, black, and white for its colors. Even these colors go along perfectly with a Halloween theme!

You can get a one-pound bag of blackberry cobbler candy corn from HalfNuts. It will come with over 300 pieces to share with those tricker treaters, or just indulge in yourselves.

Blackberry cobbler is delicious in and of itself. I am excited to satisfy that craving now with these candy corns instead of having to bake a cobbler!

Other Flavors

These are not the only flavors, however. Brach’s has made some additional flavors in the past, and has made some more recently as well!

In the past, Brach’s has made a limited edition cookie flavored candy corn. These were simply delicious and a crowd’s favorite.

This year, you can find other flavors as well. First off, they have created a whole Thanksgiving meal in just candy corn! You can get candy corn that tastes like a cooked turkey, green beans, cranberry sauce, ginger carrots, and sweet potato pie. These might satisfy your taste buds, or be a bit weird; I’ll let you decide.

You can also get some pumpkin flavored candy corn as well along with some Milk Maid Caramels too! These ones sound almost as delicious as the blackberry cobbler ones!

Are you going to experiment and try some of these new blackberry cobbler flavored candy corn along with the other flavors? I’m sure even those who hate candy corn will find a flavor they would enjoy!

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