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Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

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Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles are quick, easy, and so good that you’ll be proud to take them to any Christmas party.

During the holidays I keep a list of quick and easy sweets that I can make on a moment’s notice. These Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles are on my go-to list, as is this tasty Christmas Lasagna (it’s not what you think!) and these cutie-pie Snowman Oreo Cookie Balls.

I like making truffles because everyone loves them. They’re delicious, can be made fast, and travel well. They are truly the perfect Christmas treat.

Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffle | Delicious Christmas treat for adults!

Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

For this recipe, you’re going to need a little bit of spiced rum and I do mean little.

Just 2 teaspoons will do it.

If you’re not someone who keeps spiced rum around the house, there are ways to work around having to go buy a big bottle.

Liquor stores usually have super small bottles they keep around the cash register. If you don’t see spiced rum there, ask the cashier.

If not, ask friends if they happen to have some. Surely they can spare 2 teaspoons!

Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffle | Delicious Christmas treat for adults!

You Can Microwave the Ingredients If You Want

A double boiler is the best choice to mix the ingredients (minus the sprinkles). But if you prefer, you can use the microwave in a pinch.

Be careful, though.

Using the microwave to mix chocolate chips and condensed milk can result in a mess that won’t be fit to eat.

Microwave in small spurts, maybe 30 seconds at a time. After each cycle, stir the ingredients, making sure to scrape the bowl.

I can’t stress enough what a mess you’ll have if you aren’t careful.

How to Avoid Sticky Truffles

Truffles are so yummy, but they can be a little messy to roll into those darling little balls.

If you notice the truffles are getting too sticky, all you have to do is pop the mixture in the refrigerator or freezer for a couple minutes.

It works like a charm.

Run your hands under cold water to help prevent them from sticking to your hands.

Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffle | Delicious Christmas treat for adults!

Give Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles As a Gift

In addition to the red and green sprinkles, you could make a batch and use some other kinds of sprinkles or decorations as well.

I have some sprinkles that are tiny little snowflakes that I’m going to use.

Find an adorable gift tin, add some paper in pretty Christmas colors and fill it with a mix of truffles that have different kinds and colors of sprinkles.

It’s an ideal gift that’s inexpensive and will be very much appreciated and enjoyed.

Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffle | Delicious Christmas treat for adults!

Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffle | Delicious Christmas treat for adults!

Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

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  • 3 C semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 tsp spiced rum
  • 1 C Christmas red green and white nonpareils



  • Using a double boiler, combine all ingredients except the sprinkles and mix until smooth
  • Scoop truffle into a bowl and place into the fridge for 3 hours
  • Using a small ice cream scooper, scoop out some truffle and roll into a ball in your hands
  • Pour sprinkles into a bowl and roll the truffle into the sprinkles until fully coated
  • Place onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet
  • Repeat steps with remaining truffles
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Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffle | Delicious Christmas treat for adults!

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I’m not American …so what’s a double boiler

It’s a pot in which another fits inside, for items that shouldn’t be cooked on direct heat

a double boiler is a cooking pot, that has 1 pot that can fit into another one, but leaves enough room to put water in the bottom one. that way, you boil the water, so that the item you put into the top one can melt your item slowly without sticking or burning. Does that make sense?

You can use two pots that fit inside each other. The bottom one will have water boiling in it and the top one will have your ingrediants melting. It’s used for more of a controlled melting process.

It’s a double decker pot. Water goes in the bottom half. The chocolate goes in the top. So the water is close to the flame to boil. The chocolate on top melts as a result of being over boiling water and not near the flame where it could burn easily. 

Just means a bowl over boiling water I think.

Its a double stacked pot. Its used a lot with candy to keep it off of direct heat from the stove which can burn the candy very easily. You put water in the bottom pot and what you’re cooling in the top pot.

Bain Marie or Bagna Maria

why use spiced rum? guessing any alcohol would work?

I’m lactose intolerant. Will this work with sweetened condensed coconut milk?

Does anyone know if these freeze well?

I have rum can I just add spices to it? If so, which spices and how much? TIA

How about fireball!

Could I add more rum? I eant them to pack a bit od a punch. Could I use a quarter cup without ruining the texture?

Instead of spiced rum, can I use rumchata?

What is 3 C means? Cups?


Do they need to be refrigerated after being made?5 stars


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