Nutter Butter Monster Cookies

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We love making classic monsters into food and had a blast making these Nutter Butter Monster Cookies!  We decorated these using assorted candies that we had on hand and my boys loved them!  Easy to make and a fun Halloween treat for the kids to decorate themselves!

Nutter Butter Monster Cookies on a plate

Classic Movie Monster Nutter Butter Cookies

(makes 4)

Dracula Nutter Butter cookie

Dracula Nutter Butters

  • Cover the front of the cookie with the white cookie icing.  
  • Then cover the top and bottom with the chocolate cookie icing in the shape of his hair and cape.  
  • Use a toothpick to help direct the icing before it sets.  
  • Cut a piece of a red fruit roll up for the mouth.
  • Use heart candies for the bow tie, cut a piece from a Tootsie Roll for eyebrows, cut a mini marshmallow for the nose and teeth.
Mummy Nutter Butter cookie

Mummy Nutter Butters

  • Cover the cookie with white cookie icing.  
  • Cut strips from a square marshmallow and laid them on top.
  • Cut a piece from a Tootsie Roll for the top and attached on edible eyes.
Frankenstein Nutter Butter cookie

Frankenstein Nutter Butters

  • Cover the cookie with white cookie icing and the top with chocolate cookie icing.
  • Cut pieces from a green Tootsie Roll to make the mouth, nose and eye brows.
  • Attach green M&M’s for the electrodes.
Mummy Nutter Butter cookie

Wolf Man Nutter Butters

  • Covered the cookie with chocolate cookie icing.
  • Use a toothpick to make it look like fur.  
  • Cut pieces from a Tootsie Roll for the eye brows and nose.  
  • Cut a mini marshmallow for teeth.

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