Cotton Candy Grapes

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Have you tried cotton candy grapes yet? If not, you are definitely missing out! These make look like regular green grapes, but they actually taste like cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Grapes
image via aldi.mademedoit

Have You Tried Cotton Candy Grapes Yet?

Cotton candy grapes are simply amazing. These grapes are extremely hard to find because everyone wants to try them and then they get hooked and want to buy them all. I wanted to share these yummy fruits with you so that next time you see them at the grocery store you can grab a bunch and try them! You seriously won’t regret it.

How Are They Made?

Horticulturalist David Cain was the genius behind these delicious snacks. After forming a grape company in 2001 he attended a conference where researchers were showing purple Concord grapes that tasted like cotton candy, but were fragile and had tiny seeds. Cain licensed that variety of grape and then improved its size and texture by crossbreeding it with other kinds of grapes. That’s right – no genetic modification was required, just good old-fashioned plant breeding.

12 years and 100,000 plants later, the Cotton Candy Grape everyone loves so much was born!

image via Arnon Polin/Shutterstock

Do They Really Taste Like Cotton Candy? 

Yes, they actually do taste like cotton candy!! It’s crazy but true! It’s something about their juices and flavor that just makes them irresistibly delicious. No artificial flavoring is added to create the flavor either, these grapes naturally have a super sweet taste similar to cotton candy. Many people say eating these reminds them of going to the summer county fair.

How to Use Them

We usually eat them as a snack – they’re so good they’re hard to resist! You can also add them to savory salads, fruit salads, or even use them as a garnish on cocktails.

Cotton Candy Grapes
image via Grapery

When to Stock Up 

Usually, these grapes are only available from mid-July through early September. You can find them at most stores in the produce aisle if they aren’t sold out already. They usually are around $2-$4 per pound but totally worth it.

So far, they have been spotted at Costco, Sam’s Club, Aldi, and a few other local grocery stores.

If you don’t feel like going into the grocery store, no need to worry. Just use Instacart! Now you can lay on the couch and have these amazing grapes delivered straight to your door! 

Hurry and grab yours before they run out! Who is going to go grab some right now? 

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