Crabby Stuffed Peppers

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Crabby Stuffed Peppers

I really wanted stuffed peppers for dinner the other night & knew that my boys would not be happy about it. Solution…make them into crabs & this worked perfectly with getting them to eat them! These Crabby Stuffed Peppers are such a fun summer dinner for the kids & just might get your little picky eaters to try something new! My boys ate them…including the peppers & actually enjoyed it! Very easy to put together as well!:)

Crabby Stuffed Peppers
(makes 2)

Stuffed Pepper Recipe (we like Pillsbury)
3 Red Bell Peppers
2 Babybel Cheese Snacks
2 Black Olives

Follow the directions to make any stuffed pepper recipe. We like the one HERE from Pillsbury. While the stuffed peppers are in the oven take 1 extra red bell pepper & cut it into 4 pieces. Scoop out the inside first. Cut out 1 snapper using a knife then use that piece as a guide to cut the rest. Place the tops on & attach the snappers on the sides using toothpicks. We broke them in half. Cut a Babybel in half & attach those on the top using a toothpick. We cut the ends from olives & pressed them on for pupils. Super easy right?!!

Here is a close up…

Crabby Stuffed Peppers

Check out the inside…yum!!

Crabby Stuffed Peppers

We also cut little pieces from the extra bell pepper to make the little feet….

Crabby Stuffed Peppers

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12 comments on “Crabby Stuffed Peppers”

  1. Lazy Budget Chef

    I don't have kids and I want to make your pepper crabs just for fun. They would be a fun option to serve vegetarian guests at a crab and clam bake.

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