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There is almost nothing better than the serene sounds of nature in the woods. Most often because we want to take a hike, camp, or just go for a stroll. The birds chirping, the swishing of the wind, crunchy leaves…then BAM! You get the excessive need to take a dump!

Crapstrap attached to a tree.
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Now, we need a solution to this poopy situation, something that is comfortable and secure while you need to get the job done. Avoid the roughness of the trees or the cracking of the knees, and just use this new Crapstrap or Krapp Strapp!

Crapstrap with a person on it.
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What Is A Crapstrap?

It is basically a large fanny pack with a padded backrest and with 10 times longer adjustable waist strap on it. It is made with a carabiner so you can attach it to a tree to support you, allowing you to lean back comfortably and pass your Hershey’s log. This makes it easier to use the bathroom without the mess or backsplash from your doodoo or pee hitting your clothes or shoes.

the strap on a tree in the woods.
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What Other Features Does The Crap Strap Have?

This thing is so cool because it also has pockets and storage for things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wipes, or other personal items needed for your Forest Dump. It can also support the weight of up to 400lbs, so no worries about slipping out and falling into your…you know.

Where Can I Use It?

Anywhere there is a tree! It is great for camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing trips. You can actually pretty much use it on any stationary object that is secure enough to strap up. For example, you can attach it to a truck hitch or a pole and as long as you are out of site, you can go ahead and enjoy it Mary Poopins.

The Crap Strap is a rated EP for everyone poops! So, strap yourself up ladies and gentlemen for whenever you need to poop or pee.

The product in the woods.
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How Much Is The Crapstrap?

If you find that you struggle with natures calling every now and then. If you need a comfortable way to do it, you can get this Crapstrap (Krapp Strapp) directly from the seller’s website for about $40!!

The product displayed in the woods.
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Look below to see another cool alternative to this product called the Loop and Poop!

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